Ascension Church on Mount Olives

-The church tradition saved us the place from which the Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, forty days after He was raised among the dead, the mountain of olives in Jerusalem, as the Holy Gospel (Luke 24: 51) – This church was built over the mountain of olives, in circular form, by Queen Helena, mother of the great Emperor Constantine, in the middle of the … Continue reading Ascension Church on Mount Olives

A Prayer of Praise

Almighty, true and incomparable God,You are present in all things,yet in no way limited by them.You remain unaffected by place,untouched by time,unperturbed by years,and undeceived by words.You are not subject to birthand in no need of protection.You are beyond all corruption,above all change,immutable by nature.You live in unapproachable lightand are invisible,yet You are known to all thosewho seek You with hope and love.You are the God of Israel,and of … Continue reading A Prayer of Praise