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Saint Junipero Serra Novena

Novena Begins:  June 22 Feast Day:  July 1 Patron Saint of Vocations Day 1 – Saint Junipero Serra Novena  Let us begin, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  Saint Junipero Serra, your missionary zeal brought the light of Christ to millions. You endured so many hardships, and labored so much that your work resonates today in … Continue reading Saint Junipero Serra Novena

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St. Vincenza Gerosa Novena

Novena Begins:  June 19 Feast Day:  June 28 Patron of sisters of charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa (SCCG) Day 1 – St. Vincenza Gerosa Novena O my Jesus, Thou who art very Love,enkindle in my heart that Divine Firewhich consumes the Saints and transforms them into Thee.O Lord our God,we offer Thee our heartsunited in the strongest and most sincere love of … Continue reading St. Vincenza Gerosa Novena