Give Thanks To The Lord

You are a child of God. Seek Christ everyday to know Him better. Grow in His likeness. Be comfortable trusting Him. Be excited searching God, observing God and understand how He operates in your life and other people’s lives. God is fathomless. God will turn everything for your good.Pray and spend time reading His Word. Get to know God because we believers will live with … Continue reading Give Thanks To The Lord

Seek The Lord While He May Be Found

You cannot seek the Lord while sinning throughout the week and go on and tithe on Sunday to wash away your sins . It doesn’t work that way. Do not live in sin and keep seeking God … it’s certainly not connecting. Sin separates us from God. We can’t play both sides at the same time if we say we love God.Can anyone sit in … Continue reading Seek The Lord While He May Be Found

I Love Those Who Love Me

Be diligent in seeking GodSeek God continuously!Only then will you be diligent about your health, about your family, about your finances about your career and everything else. Do your best in seeking God first. Don’t put anything else in front of Christ Jesus.If you have a decision to make God is the number to consult . Pray about everything you are about to decide. Consult … Continue reading I Love Those Who Love Me