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      For the family Rosary. everyone washes their hands, the BELL is rung, the candle is lit and possibly incense like a jostick.
      You get comfy with cushions on the floor to kneel on itnitially but you may change positions. You Look at your altar with the Holy pictures and statues. You say which Rosary you will be praying. The children get ready with the rosaries leaflets.
      In the name of the Father and of the Son…
      Then the CREED, the APOSTLES creed, The Our Father, Hail Maryx3 and a Glory Be.
      Then stop and discuss what needs praying for and who needs praying for. You probably already know, Then start the mystery with a brief description of what happened, read from the bible or Rosary card, the children love to join in and read a bit or remember a bit of the mystery. Then the Our Father, 10 hail Marys a glory be and oh Jesus forgive us our sins, save us… Then proceed with the other five mysteries. Finish with the Oh God whose only begotten son by his life…, then pray to the special saints and the Holy Spirit, St Michael, sacred heart, sorrowful Heart,Divine Mercy Immaculate Heart, Guardian angels but only if you want to. Sing or say the salve Regina or Hail holy Queen Mother of Mercy. Sing hymns, let everyone take a lead, the youngest can be helped by a sibling …. Make it the Happiest and most joyful, peaceful and loving time of the say. After put on some music and have hugs.

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