The Pope saying Catholics have a moreal obligation to be vaccinated.

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      What is the meaning of a vaccine? It is to have immunity from something.
      What is the reason that we may suppose that being immune from covid is a great idea?
      It is a good thing not to spread covid to others who may be harmed by it.
      Taking an immoral vaccine tested on aborted babies and living aborted babies is a very bad thing.
      Whilst not spreading the covid to the vulnerable is commendable, having it spread to others in order that they may have natural immunity would be a good idea, as long as they are not likely to be harmed by it.
      Mums took young children to measles parties to immunise them. The side effects of this immunisation effort were less than the side effects of the jabs.
      It is not a question of should we take the jabs on offer or not, it is a question of what the alternatives to this are, that the vulnerable may not snuff it due to our careless spreading.
      There is a wonderfully effective safe and cheap cure for covid, the Hydroxychloraquine sulphate has been surpassed by Ivermectin. Perhaps this should be bought by us and given out because the doctors are not allowed to subscribe it.
      Imagine that the cure for covid is there but it is being forbidden to us so that toxic harmful jabs can be doled out to us.
      That is shameful that this is allowed.
      So as the cure exists but evildoers pushing the jab are making hydroxychlorquine sulphate
      and Ivermectin, unobtainable and persecuting those who prescribe and use it, then WHO is responsible for the deaths of those who die from covid?
      The FAKE testing of these drugs that cure, fabricated evidence that they are not any good, they were deplorable and there are so many more tests which show the opposite. Now in the UK, we love salt and vinegar on our fish and chips. If one uses ten times the amount of salt, would that be nice? If one does not use 5% acidity vinegar but weaker, maybe 1%, would that be nice? What if it was 50% acidity, that would be harmful. The tests which claim that these are harmful are using bad dosing and bad dosing of good things becomes bad. Almost any dosing of BAD things is bad, like lead and mercury but BAD dosing of good things can be bad. So take it these are GOOD drugs which should be used.
      We should try to limit the amount of covid testing we take as the tests are usually very deceptive and misleading. If we know we have actual covid, do we even need a test, perhaps if we did go hospital, they would want to give us one if we present with covid symptoms…perhaps that is fair enough. If we had the tablets which cure and prevent, we could tell those we have recently been in contact with that it may benefit them to take these or at least get a stock in, just in case.
      One of the reasons that people are suffering from covid more than a bit of flu suffering, is because we do not know how to TREAT it well and properly or we just are not treating it properly. That is another subject which I would be glad to post on because I have RESEARCHED it. See > FLCCC < re this subject too.

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