Never Miss A Novena

“Thank you for supporting Christian businesses, entrepreneurship and Christian’s worldwide. We love you and we thank you for your support! God bless you” -Novena Prayer Family

3 thoughts on “Never Miss A Novena

  1. Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son jesus christ through the intercession of mother mary ever virgin may mother mary ever virgin intercessed for me before you and i be promoted to the rank of Assistant Supretendant of prison . through jesus christ our lord ,Amen

  2. Mother Mary please remember me and my small business that I started last year April. It has been doing so well but all over sudden the customers are gone. Oh Mother Mary remember how broke I am and inneed of financial boost. Intercede for my hard situations. I also pray for healing of my 6 years old Angel. God I pray Angel will breathe normal like any other person
    Her life will get back to normal and all those tonsils and adenoids will shrink and no surgery will be involved. God have mercy mercy on me and my family. Intercede for me and my business to get back to normal as well. will grow and cater for many souls. In Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen

  3. Thanks so much for this website. We need more of such sites that will cater for the spiritual needs of people. Well done!👍

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