Best Catholic Gift from the Holy Land

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One of a kind 8 piece gift-set from the Holy Hand-made by Christian families from Bethlehem, blessed by Priests in the Church of Annunciation (where Jesus Christ was raised), and specially delivered to you! Take advantage of this special gift-set offer.

Limited time special offer: 20% OFF. Use coupon: Bethlehem 33

What You Get When You Purchase:

  • Blessed bottle of Nard Oil (mentioned in Holy Scriptures: Song of Solomon 1:12, 4:13; John 12:3; Matt 26:7; Mark 14:3). *Blessed by Priest in the Church of Annunciation
  • Beautiful Olive Wood Rosary (with Holy Land soil)
  • Medium size, hand-threaded Olive Wood Rosary (perfect for everyday travel)
  • 5 Piece Holy Set: 1 jar Holy Water, 1 jar Holy incense, 1 jar Holy Soil, 1 jar Holy oil; 1 hand-held Olive Wood Crucifix.
  • Free Premium Shipping on all orders
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4 thoughts on “Best Catholic Gift from the Holy Land

  1. I love the Best Catholic Gift from the Holy Land, and would like to buy them at the mentioned cost of $69.95.
    Please, let me know if it includes delivery to Australia.
    Kind regards,
    Home Address: Unit 18 / 138 Fourth Avenue, Marsden QLD 4132.

  2. Hi,

    Was looking for the Our Lady of The Milk Church powder that comes along with this box of incense, holy oil, cross + our lady of milk grotto powder.
    I had one of my relatives give me this earlier, looking forward to order one.
    Please do let me know if this can be shipped to India along with the price.


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