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  1. God Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son Jesus christ through the recitation of the misteries of the most holly rosery of blessed virgin mary,may mother mary interceed for me before God and i be blessed with Asistant Supretendant of prison ,through jesus chrisy our lord Amen Amen Amen

  2. That my International passport that is submitted now, will return to me with a stamped Visa to travel, Amen

  3. God Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son Jesus christ through the recitation of the misteries of the most holly rosery of blessed virgin mary,may mother mary interceed for me before God
    and i be blessed with a enough money and that i become a mother this year 2020,
    through Jesus chrisy our lord Amen Amen Amen

  4. Please lift up in prayer for our marriage restored reconciled forever him moved back home in Jesus Name. Set him free mind body soul for other family friends Health for sister lift up. Salvation for all family friends World Amen.

    1. Please pray for end to this Coronovirus for those who passed souls rest in peace for families for this suffering now from it for those on front lines helping. For us to be covered in the Blood of Jesus thru this time I pray. Amen

  5. Highly Almighty God we honour you,please Lord guide me according to your ways,open all the doors my enemies have closed financially,i pray that bless my family too from all the sicknesses I pray believing in God Amen

  6. I pray earnestly that my Journey to the Agency would be fruitful, may the Good Lord direct us as accordingly, Amen

  7. Enter your comment here…Lord grant me and my family members financial break through. Review your self in each and everyone of us that we worship you in truth and in spirit.

  8. Through mother Mary interceed ,,inmy prayers to proper in my bussiness and get onother kid that that av longed to long

  9. Father God I humbly pray to have faith to believe and be transformed during this season of lent and surrender my sinful life over to You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  10. We are going to call her tomorrow morning, Heavenly Father, may our humble request be granted Lord. May we be favored, Amen

  11. Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son Jesus christ our lord through the intercession of mother mary ever virgin ,may mother mary ever virgin interceed for me before you and you bless me with amiracle of being promoted to the rank of Assistant Suppretendant of prison .Through Jesus christ our lord Amen Amen Amen

  12. Lord Jesus, I believe I trust and I love you. I place my all in your care and under your protection, I surrender my all to you, allow your will to de done in my life as your will is done in heaven, you take care of every thing, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.

    Thank you Lord for answering to my prayer.

  13. I ask that you pray for my brother Cyprian’s healing on his entire body . May our God through Jesus Christ restore his health. In the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  14. I pray for financial stability. To help me find a way to help my husband out instead of making things worse for him. I pray that the land loan goes through for him, let it be your will lord! Amen

  15. I pray that the grandchildren I have custody of because of physical, mental abuse and neglect dont have to go see their parents. I pray my prayer will be granted when we go to court. In Jesus name Amen!

    1. We pray that GODS WILL BE DONE IN YOUR


  17. Please answered prayer our marriage restored reconciled forever peace joy love for this Virus to end for those suffering and for those who passed. For husband family set free mind body spirit and for their Salvation and the World. Amen

  18. Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son Jesus christ through the intercession of mother mary ever virgin ,may mother mary ever virgin interceed for me before you to bless me with apromotion to Assistant Suppretendant of Prison ,through JESUS christ,our lord Amen Amen Amen

  19. Please join my family and I to pray for:

    1. God’s Kingdom and reign to come in every area and aspect of our lives, families, homes and country; that we all will experience a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that we will turn back from all our evil ways and turn to God; confess and proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and all return to the table of the Eucharist and be renewed in our faith, hope and love.

    2. God’s Mercy and Pardon for all family members, that God should forgive us all our sins, begging God to take away our hearts of stones, and give us new and contrite hearts.

    3. God’s divine healing, mercy, safety, liberation, freedom, transformation, restoration, deliverance and salvation for all family members, that we be set free from every curse, oath, addiction, affliction, yoke, insanity, sickness and bondage, cleansed by the blood of Jesus and made whole. We pray especially for Uwagbai, and Ose, Ebi, that as we abandon and surrender them completely unto God, that Jesus takes over their lives and bring about His divine healing and freedom In their lives, by positively turning their lives around for good.

    4. God’s protection and deliverance from every evil, trial, danger and temptation. That God should preserve us within the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, grant us long lives, deliver us from a sudden and untimely death.

    5. God’s divine blessings, favors and providence for us all; that God should preserve and enlarge our coasts; restore all stolen or lost or thwarted destinies; that the good Lord will heal and cleanse Our lineage and eliminate all lines of contamination and curses.

    6. For His grace for our destinies not to be truncated and that we will all become what He destined us to be. We pray for Grace to know God more, love God more and serve God more. That no one member of our family be lost to perdition, that we all attain eternal life in Christ Jesus, Amen.

  20. I pray for an out pouring ot the holy spirt in my life and in the life of my family and instill in us the fruits and gifts of the holy spirit in abundance so that we may continously serve the lord unrelently and win souls for him through the hands lf his blessed mother. I pray that tje lord plant his bleeding cross in our homes and lives tjat we may ne free and protect from thos deadly virus
    Lord give us an out poir of your graces and mercies that we may continiously do your will and serve you till the end. This i ask in the precious name of the almighty.

    Amen, Amen.

  21. Lord I pray that before this year ends I may start working . Mother Mary intercede on my behalf to your son Jesus Christ . Amen

  22. I pray that God should opeñ doors for my businesse to make money and God to prootect me from trials en tempetations amen

  23. Please pray for the people with the virus and please pray for my wife on St Patricks day Johanna Caniano and please pray for Father Johns healing from Brain Surgery on St Patricks Day and pray for me Brother Antonio thank you and God Bless

  24. Asking for protection from the C. Virus for my son and I. I am at very high risk with serious asthma and the only means of income in the home. I work in dialysis in contact with many patients. My son works at a major airport checking travelers in. Thank you so much.

  25. Almighty father in heaven through your most holly son Jesus christ through the intercession of mother mary ,may mother mary ever virgin interceed for me before you to bless me with Assistant Suppretendant of prison ,through jesus christ our lord Amen Amen Amen

  26. I humbly ask the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus to always look after my daughter and son during their life. To guide them always in the right direction and that on their road only meet kind, humble and generous people. Jesus and Mary, I love you.

  27. I humbly ask mother Mary to intervene in this situation of drugs
    I have a colleague who is committed himself into drugs called Nyaope please mom Mary help him he is still young please I know and I believe that you’ll change everything from bad situations to the right platform
    Thank you 🙏

  28. Lord Jesus christ I humble myself to you please save our country and my family in this virus I believe that in you everything will be possible protect our children in drugs and every evil spirit
    Lord hear us🙏

  29. Forgive me my sins my dear God bless me and my children and families. O my dear God please realise my new job with better pay and where i will be working 6days and the 7th day which is Sunday i will be going to church

  30. My God hear my cry when i’m in this house co’s you see what im going through .My Heavenly father I repent all my sins and i forgive those who have wronged me and i ask forgiveness those who have wronged me. Father God open new doors for a new job for me of which i will be worshipping you and where i will be going to church on Sunday. I declare and decrease a new job for 6 days that’s From Monday to Saturday co’s i want Sunday to be your day in Jesus mighty name

  31. Please pray our marriage restored reconciled forever peace love joy in Jesus Name for him and family set free mind body spirit. For end of this covid19 virus sent back to pits of he’ll. Amen

    1. Please my dear God please heal our land and the whole world and especially those who are sick with devil disease of covid 19. Heal them surround them with your precious blood and the fire of holy ghost. Remember also those who are sick with different types of diseases co’s you’re a healer and you healeth thee. Heal the marriages of these young generations and deliver them from the work of devil

  32. Clare
    I pray for healing in my mind , body, and soul and my anxiety. I also pray for financial upliftment and God’s love and protection over my family and bring my family United again in Jesus name.

  33. My God remember me with your grace and mercy for offering me another opportunity of a new job. My Heavenly father i thank you for your kindness and mercy for opening new doors for me and no one can shut immediately after this demonic virus clicked of by your word yes and amen you will offer me a better salary job of which i will be going to church to glorify your name hallelujah amen

  34. Almighty Father I thank you for the gift of life and protection from covid 19. Protect the doctors and nurses and professionals as they handle such cases, thank you Lord for the husband, Lord I pray that Patrick and mutua to return the monies I lended them early last year and they don’t seem to feel happy when I ask them, Lord I leave everything to you as they return I will give Thanksgiving Lord. Amen

  35. Heavenly father protect all those who are sick and also those who are working in hospitals from covid 19 and also from any ather demonic virus those are killing your children cover with your precious blood and the fire of the holy ghost. You’re King of kings, Lord of lords and you are the most Doctor heal the whole world let’s US and Kenya b the main contacts to the whole world we’re standing as your ambassador in Jesus mighty name hallelujah amen glory to God most high

  36. St Gemma pray for my family for protection from the covid- 19. Pray for my newly born grandson . I thank God for him.Through St Gemma I pray for my son to surrender drugs and also for my family members to be employed.

  37. Please for my left knee to heal Soni can walk normally, and to be able to keep my house. Thank you. Amen

  38. I pray for the end of the COVID-19 and the financial devastation of this country and the world. I pray that people turn to Jesus in their times of uncertainty and that they find peace.

  39. Please pray for me I am in a very difficult situation regarding my job, due to the coronavirus the company I work for the open university are in the process of terminating Jobs, please Lord retain my job for me, I have not worked for over one year and just been in this job now for 3 and a half months. Lord touch the heart of all those who are to make this decision to keep me in Jesus Mighty Name. I will come back here to testify of your glory O Lord.

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