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Please send us your prayer request in the ‘Leave us your comment…‘ section below. And may God bless you for your faith.

”You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” -John 14:14

153 thoughts on “Send Your Prayer To Jesus

  1. hearing those words early in the morning is so true sent by God I feel very important to recd them thank you for always sharing with me God Bless you and your beautiful words in the morning

    1. Lord, Jesus help me to have a job and i hope you grand my request to win in a jackpot in lotto,so can provide a home for mu family.

  2. for healing our pain is so important during this very hard time in our lives fighting this virus and not knowing if you will make it throw or God will call you home God Bless you words for me in the morning and making me feel. so good to know God will take care of me thank you for your words this morning from God

  3. Please pray for me that I will be given the chance to work again in Malaysia as a teacher. It has been a year since I became jobless and the pandemia is making our lives more difficult. I desperately needed a job. Thank you.

      1. I thank you God for my new job which am waiting from you and with a better salary private duty job as a nurse caregiver

    1. lord hear my prayer for my son is right now sitting exams i request of you only confidence in him

  4. Please pray for me to get a source of income and find a job🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I am a single Mom of two, May God enlighten the heart mind and spirit of my ex partner to stand up and be responsible to support the needs of his son. May he Feel the conscience in his mind that his son needs him over his present partner whom he choose over us. God thank you for everything for lifting me up after all the pain burden and worries Im having through. Please shower me with your grace abundance and prosperity. I just want to be financially stable so that I can able to support my child. I trust you oh Lord. I know you have a better plan for me after all my lows in my life. I believe in you without you I dont know how I will survive🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Please pray that my friend John will be blessed with the grace of God to overcome his alcoholism as soon as possible.

    1. Lord Jesus Christ may you heal my parents today and touch my sister’s heart and bring her to her senses so that she can follow Jesus name I pray Amen

  6. With prayers and fasting my homosexual desires have lessened ,thank you God . Please pray for me to be free completely from homosexuality andto develop normal desire towards women and to find my future wife. And for my sister to find a good husband.
    God bless .


    Summer,Fall Christmas 2020.

    Our Broken Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day and Night for His Mercy and Peace!

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Thank you for praying with all of us daily during this dark time(2020’S,,) in history. Just know we are praying with you daily. Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2020,2021… or as long as possible? For God’s Mercy, Healing and Protecting Peace in these turbulent times.

    Please continue to pray with us for our personal(Broken Hearts and Lives) recovery. God;s Healing and Protecting Peace. Still recovering from the loss of our only son and other sorrows and hardships then and Now!

    Please pray!! Daily Prayer(2020,2021..??) Long Term?


    Can you continue to pass on our Urgent Prayer Request on to Prayer Groups, Convents,Monasteries,Parishes and Others you know of the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Long Term? Communities(Women and Men) of Prayer?

    We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer!

    In His Peace.

    Bill and Carol. oh.

  8. Please pray for those fallen away Catholics, may they be well received back into Holy Mother Church. For Protestants, may they find their way back in communion with Holy Mother Church and be led to Jesus by Our Lady.

    Please intercede for us Blessed Mother.
    Please pray for us brothers and sisters.
    Please hear our prayers Lord.

    God bless

  9. Please pray for Tony’s (my husband) miraculous, total, speedy and permanent healing and recovery from cancer, and that Jesus, by His Divine Mercy and Divine Love will make Tony whole and healthy again. Amen.

  10. God please hear my prayer for the healing of my son Brenton who is ill at this time and losing weight. He suffers with pain and can not tell me what is wrong. He is very frail and he needs your healing and your love. Hes a beautiful little boy. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and answering it. Amen and Amen

  11. I am starting a novena today, 8/4/20, for a nephew to have a successful job interview on 8/12/20 and to be offered the job. Thank you for the prayers.

    1. Pray for my new job which am waiting from next week with a better salary private duty nurse and i will be free on Sundays co’s will be going to church and fellowship with other Christians

  12. I am praying this novena because I want to get out debt. I need a miracle to get money for me to buy a house and be debt free as well. I pray that this should be granted before the end of this August month but according to God’s will and in the name of Jesus Christ

  13. I Mr. Sunder Iyer aged 52 years till date do not know the real meaning of Happiness. From beginning my life though not difficult, have not experienced any happiness. Even after Marriage, due to my sexual problems have not at all experienced the happiness of marriage. But just living like Paying Guest. Very Much Depressed in Life. No Friends nobody to express my feelings. Even the lock down has still worsened my situation. But my God’s Grace and Mercy, God has kept me financially Strong. But I have Misused the Money given by God. Please pray that, I should get back the money wrongly invested soon. I will never again in my life Misuse the Money given by God. please also pray that, my wife though weak and not so healthy, should be healthy as there is no one else to physically support us EXCEPT LORD JESUS in whom I belief 100%. HUMBLE request to please pray for me.

  14. Please pray for my teen daughter who has been suicidal for a while now. She has been struggling with body image and young bullied experience from school. She doesn’t know how to move on from this life anymore

    1. Praying for your daughter’s heart.
      I am a school counselor.
      Please make your daughter feel that she is loved.
      God bless you.

  15. Please pray for me Macharia I lost my job last month and i have my family whom am taking care of also i have my bills

  16. Prayers are requested for my daughter Alisha awaiting her student permit to enter Canada. Her USA student visa is about to end & she cannot be there any longer. Please pray she gets her study permit soon.

  17. pray for my family will have a safe and good day. pray for my marriage and family pray for Liz and Scott marriage and family. pray for Tom and Alysha marriage and familypray for Ryan and Kylie pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college. pray for protection for AF. and family,friends and neighbors. pray for good health for Gary,Annette,Liz and all my family pray for Fr. Ian,Fr.John

  18. Dear St. Cajetan, I have prayed to you before and you have sent my prayer with great intercession to my lord and saviour jesus christ. I come to you today with another request yet again I am at the mercy of this world. I am patiently waiting response on jobs and I want to earn a living again so desperately before my family loses it all. We are desperate for your divine intercession and the answer to my prayer so that I can provide for my family and earn a living once again. Throughout the time I have been typing I have been thinking of the job that I so desperately want and need and i ask that they be urgent in their decsion and that they select me. For once I would love the stabliity and happiness of a job that I want and will accel in Please pray for me and my family and all seeking to get their lives back with gainful employment. In jesus name I pray AMEN

  19. I pray for President Trump to win this Presidential Election of November 2020, to lead us all back to God. And that all the evil people who are trying to rig this election will exposed and punished.

    1. Amen There Was Much Fraud & Corruption in the Presidential Election. May God Cast Out All The Evil Doers That Caused This Injustice!

  20. Anonymous
    I pray

    to god for all the. Help I can get,because I have made a lot of bad choices I am so mess up I need a sense of direction in the name of Jesus.

  21. pray for my family will have a safe and good day. pray for my marriage and family. pray for babysitting,cleaning,cooking goes well. pray for protection for A.F and family,friends and neighbors. pray for Liz and Scott marriage and family pray for Tom and Alysha marriage and family pray for Mary and Nate marriage and family. pray for Ryan and Kylie pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college.

  22. Lord, I surrender my life to you, Help me succeed this business I’m in to, help me reachout people whom I’m going to help to achieved financial freedom so that we sustain our family’s need. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen

  23. Please pray for healing. There is a lump on my left thigh, and the doctors want radiation and surgery. Please pray for a miracle, that it disappears.
    God bless you

  24. Please pray for my niece Katie, who has brain cancer – that God Our Lord will rid her of this terrible disease.

  25. Please free that oppressors either change or moved out. They are repeatedly insulting and abusive of people of colour. Please for financial blessings too so that we can move.

  26. Prayers that many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be eternally saved, and become Jesus’ perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth, and that all Guardian Angels bring all people into the heart of Mother Mary, now and forever, so that all people be saved and become a new creation in Christ, so that they already live heaven on earth now and forever.

  27. That many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be eternally saved, and become Jesus’ perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth, and that all Guardian Angels bring all people into the heart of Mother Mary, now and forever, so that all people be saved and become a new creation in Christ, so that they already live heaven on earth now and forever.

  28. God I pray that you show me the right way. I have been lost for so long. I never knew it would be this lonely. I have always felt that I am alone. I was wrong. I have You. I just couldnt see through the pains and heartaches that’s smothers and suffocates me. I am tired and scared. You are my only salvation. Only You can save me and eventually take me back home. Where I can rest my weary heart or whatever’s left of it. I do not deserve your grace and mercy, but You are my only God who forgives and loves me unconditionally. The only One who accepts me despite all the mistakes that I have committed. Forgive me, I beg You. Please Lord, take my hand. I will follow.

  29. Pray for Richard and Elizabeth that they obtain custody of their 3 year old precious grand-daughter, Sophia Rose, to raise her with TLC in their Christian home. (Sophia’s dad wanted an abortion and Sophia’s mom (R & E’s daughter) is a single parent but doing drugs and not properly caring for Sophia.) Pray for angels to protect Sophia Rose, for God’s loving presence and Jesus to heal the hurts and save souls within our family. Thank you.

  30. please pray for him to find sobriety. Let him know his family loves him and help him find strength

  31. Please pray my husband Kenneth is being healed and relieved of the tumors of his Spine is being dissolved and will no longer appear on M.D. Anderson MRI or be able to be treated after 27th at 8 pm Wed, with Radiation he’d missed because of Covid ! ! Pray that they find it is diminishing as we commit to praying to Our Lady of Perpetual Help as she offered her Son, Father, Jesus Christ’s Holy Spirit’s suffering body and be dissolved of Cancer we pray, Thanks Father, Son & Holy Spirit be Praised, Vicky Fontenot. Help Us Lord through Mother of All Saints, Amen

  32. Dear Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, please pray for my family. Bring my husband home to us and away from the temptation of the devil as he is having an affair. I love him with all my heart and forgive him, but please bring him home.

  33. Please pray for my husband who is very ill in the Intensive Care Unit. Thy will be done, Lord. Give us the strength and courage to do Your will, Lord.

  34. Please pray for my very good friend detected with Stage 4 Lung cancer and will be starting treatment on Monday 2/22 for 3 weeks. Please pray that our Infant Jesus touches and heals him. Jesus you said Ask and you shall receive. We are knocking on your door for your healing touch.

  35. Please pray for my family… We was five in our family.. My mom, dad and my 2 sisters Iam the youngest one….. My dad and mom passed away…… my elder sister is 37years old she is not getting any suitable guy…….

  36. I pray that our father would bless me with my prayer of body changes to my body. I have pray and been attacked by people but i still trust in god. My wished that he would grant me the albility to see in spirit realms

  37. Praying for my heart desires and the souls of my parents for God to grant them eternal rest and save our family from the hand of the evil ones

  38. I pray for my family as we are in two poles… We shall have a lovely, happily and blessed marital life with all security.. Jesus… Pls be the head of our family and help us to rejoinso that we could live a better life…

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