How To Be Led By the Holy Spirit

A pastor drove to church one day. Upon her arrival,
a marshall asked her to park her car in another
Pastor’s allocated parking space.
She was about to reverse into this parking space
when she suddenly thought to herself,
let me ask the Holy Spirit about parking in this space.

She asked and the Holy Spirit told her not to park
into that space but to park elsewhere. She told the marshall that she didn’t want to park
in that space but she could park in another spot available.

The marshall was confused as to her choice of parking space
but allowed the Pastor to park in another space.

Just as this pastor parked her car, she noticed the other pastor,
whose parking space she was asked to occupy with her car,
was just coming into the church and backing up
her car into her allocated parking slot.Parking space is scarce. Had this pastor parked in the initial parking space,
she may have had to come back into the parking lot,
Re-park her car if there is another space, or lose a parking slot entirely. That is just one of the things the Holy Spirit does.
The Holy Spirit guides. He teaches. He comforts.
He helps in our weakness.

Have you ever felt a nagging voice telling you not to do something wrong?
That would be the Holy Spirit prompting you not to do the wrong thing.
For those who are led by the Spirit of God, are called the sons of God.
Romans 8:14. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour, congratulations!
You are one of the sons of God who are led by the Spirit of God.
Romans 8:14.

You are one of those whom the Father has given to Jesus Christ to shepherd. John 17:19, John 10:14,27.

You are one of those to whom Jesus promised a gift, the Holy Spirit from the Father
 (Acts 1:4). Jesus said, “And I will pray the Father,
and he shall give you another comforter,
that he may abide with you forever”.

John 14:16.

 When you hear the voice of Jesus and you obey,
you are being led by the Holy Spirit. To be led by the Holy Spirit, you need to do the following:
 Acknowledge and accept that the spirit in
Christ Jesus is the Spirit of God,
the Holy Spirit. Galatians 4:6 Accept and believe that Holy Spirit is everything Jesus said he is
and he will do everything Jesus said he would do.
John 14:26, John 16:13 Believe that Christ promised the Holy Spirit as a comforter,
advocate, helper to those who follow him and he will fulfil his promise.
John 14:15-17 Accept the Holy Spirit into your heart by asking him to come.
2 Corinthians 13:14, Philippians 2:1 The disciples of Jesus prayed that the Holy Spirit would
come and they were baptised by fire from the Holy Spirit.
They all started to speak in unknown language. From then on,
they had boldness and courage to proclaim the gospel
and to perform miracles.

You too can receive the Holy Spirit and be led by 
the Holy Spirit if you would ask him today.
Jesus bless you all

Novena Prayer Family

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Author: Nicola

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