October Novenas

Catholic October Novenas

Novena To Carlo Acutis
Novena Begins: October 3
Feast Day: October 12
Patron Saint of Computer Programmers, Eucharist and Youth
St. Edward Novena
Novena Begins: October 4
Feast Day: October 13
Patron Saint of England
St. Teresa of Avila
Novena Begins: October 6
Feast Day: October 15
Patron Saint of Spain, people in religious orders, headache sufferers
St. Gerard Novena
Novena Begins: October 7
Feast Day: October 16
Patron Saint of pregnant women, expectant mothers
St. Hedwig Novena
Novena Begins: October 7
Feast Day: October 16
Patron Saint of Orphans
St. Luke Novena
Novena Begins: October 9
Feast Day: October 18
Patron Saint of doctors
St. Isaac Jogues
Novena Begins: October 10
Feast Day: October 19
Patron Saint of North America
Saint Ursula Novena
Novena Begins: October 12
Feast Day: October 21
Patron Saint of : British Virgin Islands, Cologne, Germany, University of Paris, Educators, Girls, Drapers, Orphans, Archers
St. John Paul II
Novena Begins: October 13
Feast Day: October 22
Patron Saint of young Catholic, families, labor, world youth day, unborn children
St. Anthony Mary Claret
Novena Begins: October 15
Feast Day: October 24
Patron Saint of Weavers, Catholic Press,Textile merchants
St. Jude Novena
Novena Begins: October 19
Feast Day: October 28
Patron Saint of hopeless cases, desperate situations
All Saints Novena
Novena Begins: October 23
Feast Day: November 1
Holy Souls in Purgatory 
Novena Begins: October 24
Feast Day: November 2
Patron Saint of all Holy Souls in Purgatory
Election Novena
Novena Begins: October 26
Closing Day: November 4
Lord God, as the election approaches…
St. Charles Borromeo
Novena Begins: October 26
Feast Day: November 4
Patron Saint of Against Ulcers, Apple Orchards, Bishops, Catechists 
St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
Novena Begins: October 30
Feast Day: November 8
Patron Saint of Sick People, Loss of Parents, Against Illness

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