Church of the Annunciation

Church of the Annunciation, is one of the most beautiful and biggest churches in the middle East located in the city of Nazareth.
The site is a famous pilgrimage destination and hasbecome one of the most important stops for Christianpilgrims in the holy land.
The interior of the Basilica consists of an upper church and a lower church
Inside the lower church of the annunciation you will find the cave where our Mother Mary received the news from the Angel Gabriel. In the upper church you will find many icons of our Mother Mary from all over the world and hasSunday mass at 10 am.

Nazareth in the Bible

Luke1:26 now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galilee called Nazareth.
What to see at the Church of the Annunciation?
Here you will see the spot (first floor) where the Angel Gabriel told Mother Mary she would become the Mother of  the Son of God.
How to go there?
You can easily get there by car and enter the city. The best day is Sunday as there is no traffic in the city.  Most Israeli cities are connected to Nazareth by bus.  For example you have bus from Haifa 331, Tel Aviv 823, 826,and bus 955 from Jerusalem.

Mass Hours
Every Sunday between 10-11am (Arabic)

When is the best time to visit Church of the Annunciation?

It is recommended to visit during the spring time (March, April, and May) when temperatures are on average 20’s-25’s
Autumn is good in (October, November and even in December) during Christmas season when temperatures are on average 15’s-22’s which is perfect for travel.

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