March Novenas

Catholic March Novenas

Novena of Grace
Novena Begins: March 4 or November 25
Feast Day: March 12 or December 3
Attributed to Father Marcello Mastrilli,
S.J. (17th century)
St. Patrick Novena
Novena Begins: March 8
Feast Day: March 17
Patron Saint of Ireland, engineers
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
Novena Begins: March 9
Feast Day: March 18
Patron Saint of Catechists
St. Joseph Novena
Novena Begins: March 10
Feast Day: March 19
Patron Saint of: Families, Carpenters, Married Couples, Laborers, House Seekers, The Universal Church, A Happy Death
Annunciation Novena
Novena Begins: March 16
Feast Day: March 25
The prayer helps to enter into the spirit of the obedience 
St. Isidore of Seville
Novena Begins: March 26
Feast Day: April 4
Patron Saint of the Internet,
and computer users
St. Vincent Ferrer
Novena Begins: March 27
Feast Day: April 5
Patron Saint of builders, preachers

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