5 Biblical Keys to Finding Peace of Mind

It’s easy to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Over time, stress and anxiety take their toll, and as Christians, we may begin to struggle in our faith. The good news is that in Jesus, we have shelter from all the storms of life. So in a world full of stress, how can we find peace of mind? 1.  Forgive and … Continue reading 5 Biblical Keys to Finding Peace of Mind

Humble and Kind

Leading a Godly Life in a Cruel World“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”– Philippians 2:3 Humility and kindness are two words that everyone admires, but are rarely put into practice. Nowadays, it seems that no one has the time or patience to think of anyone except themselves. Instead of lending a helping hand, people would … Continue reading Humble and Kind

Saint Paul, The Apostle

“Christ Jesus captured me”(Phil 3:12).The image Paul uses is vivid and canal. When God Chooses, he loves with an intense and concrete love,with a jealous love, as the Old Testament often recalls. In his relationship with the communities, he founded,Paul experienced in his own person this ardour, this typically divine yearning. He is a real and ardent jealousy, the passion of someone in love who … Continue reading Saint Paul, The Apostle

What is Catholic

The Holy Roman Catholic Church is not like any denomination.In fact, historically and theologically, every “Christian” denomination stems back to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is also referred to as the Pillar and Ground of Truthbecause it is the Church Christ founded and all that which God has revealed to the world has been revealed through the Church.These truths which are made evident by Sacred Scripture and … Continue reading What is Catholic

What is Christianity?

Christianity is the word used to describe the beliefs and practices of those who follow Jesus Christ. It is also referred to as the Christian religion. Those who follow Jesus Christ are called Christians – meaning “like Christ”. The message of Jesus Christ was that anyone can have a close relationship with God, like a son has with his Father. Christianity is not about following … Continue reading What is Christianity?