The Milk Grotto Church Bethlehem

 known as the “Miracle Babies”.
This church is located in Bethlehem just a few meters from the Nativity Church.
Tradition says that our Mother Mary gave milk to infant Jesus and few drops of her milk fell onto the rocks, since then the color of the rocks has changed to creamy white.
Many pilgrims visit this beautiful place and pray for miracles and return home with smiles on their faces as our lady answers their prayers.
Never forget that miracles happen to people with faith, and your faith in Jesus can move mountains.

What to see in the Church of the Milk Grotto?
You will see soft white rock, many believe if the will take the soft white chalk and mixed with their food, and praying to our lady of the milk  it will increase the amount of their milk or enable them become pregnant.
How to get there?
Walk only 150 meters from Bethlehem main square

When is the best time to visit the Milk Grotto Church?
I will recommend you to come visit during the spring time (March, April, and May) when temperatures are on average 20’s-25’s
Also the Autumn great in (October, November and even in December) during Christmas season when temperatures are on average 15’s-22’s perfect for travel.

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