Jesus tells you…

My CHILD, beware of a curious and useless questioning into the reality of My presence in the Blessed Sacrament. At the Last Supper I changed bread and wine into My body and blood. I then gave My Apostles power to do what I had just done. They in turn passed their powers and their works on to their successors. And so, today you have the privilege of receiving Me in Holy Communion. What I did is a historical fact, but it is also a fact that is far above your understanding, and too wonderful for you to grasp fully.

No human can appreciate completely the glory of My works. God, the Eternal and All-present, the Foundation of boundless power, does things which are too grand to be understood by men. Pray for an increase in faith and love. These 2 virtues are most powerful to help you draw closer to Me in the Blessed Sacrament. Blessed is that simplicity which is not tormented with an endless questioning of what it fails to understand. Is not My word enough for every man? Some have been lost because of their questions due to pride. You will be wise to make frequent use of this sublime Sacrament. You will come to know Me better by the graces flowing from Holy Mass and Communion.

Live your life with a simple and undoubting faith in My Word. Humble yourself as you approach Me in Holy Communion. I will be waiting for you there. Whatever you don’t understand, leave it up to Me. I who can do all things and cannot deceive. I reveal Myself to the humble, and give understanding to those who are little in spirit. I teach the deeper meaning of My Words to the pure of minds, but i will hide My favor from those who question to much and the proud.

– Fr. Anthony J. Paone S.J.

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