The Importance of Baptism and First Communion

Two of the oldest traditions in the Catholic Church are baptism and first communion. While these concepts are similar to other religions, baptism in the Catholic Church is the entryway into a new life in Holy connection with God. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, baptism is renewal by the Holy Spirit and enlightenment. With such a profound connection to the Lord to … Continue reading The Importance of Baptism and First Communion

What Is Salvation?

The Church on Salvation  There are many out there that have an idea or theory on what salvation means to them.Some believe “salvation” is material success or “spiritual wellness” exercises. Others believe that there are many gods that offer an afterlife of carnal rewards. However, if we are to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ, we understand that there is a specific path to salvation.It must also be understood … Continue reading What Is Salvation?

The Rite Of Christian initiation of Adults

By Patricia McNally ROOTS OF RCIA  ‘The Second Vatican Council prescribed the revision of the rite of Baptism for adults and decreed that the catechumenate for adults, divided into several steps, should be restored’ (Decree of the congregation for Divine Worship 1972)The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults has its foundation stone in the ‘catechumenate’ of the ancient church when Jesus disciples shared his message and … Continue reading The Rite Of Christian initiation of Adults

The Trinity

By Patricia McNally The doctrine of the Trinity is a revealed and practical doctrine with radical consequences for Christian living.  Pope Francis describes the Trinity as this ‘burning fire of love’ and says that the relationship between Jesus and his Father is the ‘womb’ of the link between Christians. This beautiful description takes us to the starting point of this journey in discussing the Holy … Continue reading The Trinity

21 Powerful Christian Motivational Quotes

These Christian motivational quotes will uplift you and guide you within the works of the lord. It is a blessing to publish these quotes. May these encourage you in your walk of faith! “Faith is like building a house, you build it brick by brick to weather the storm of life.” “In order to motivate yourself, you must first surrender to the one who motivates … Continue reading 21 Powerful Christian Motivational Quotes