4 Reasons why Hell is not the place to spend eternity

Hell is not a place I like to dwell on. I really do not like the idea of it at all. The description in Matthew 13:50 provides us with a frightening image with its “Weeping and Gnashing of teeth”.
The bible has many references to Hell, 167 to be exact, and I have four reasons why Hell is not the place to spend eternity. Here they are

Too Many Bad People in Hell

To end up in Hell you need to be a pretty bad person However Revelation 21:8  gives a very clear  idea as to who you could spend eternity with if you end up in Hell. Some of these aren’t nasty people such as liars, worshipers of idols and those who fear or do not believe in God. Others are pretty nasty such as murders and those who behave in “Detestable” ways.  To be honest I don’t fancy spending my days with them.

It is way too warm

Going away on vacation, we look for a pleasant climate. Some of us like warm and others prefer snow and cold, but we all look get something different out of our own kind of preferred weather. However, Hell is Hot. It is not just hot as is in hot when the washing machine kicks in when in the shower, it is really hot… permanently.  According to Revelation 20:14 Hell is like a “lake of fire” and in Mathew 5:22 Jesus referred to Hell as the “Hell of Fire”.  I enjoy being warm but I don’t do hot.

Punishment and Hard work

Life has been tough here on earth and when I work, I like to be rewarded. Doing God’s work, even if that means doing my day to day work God’s way, is what I love to do. I know things are never easy but I really do not fancy being given an eternity of hard work and even punishment. Matthew 25:46 states “And these will go away into eternal punishment”  that to me is not enjoyable.

It is forever

Feeling pain for just a few minutes or even seconds is bad enough. When I cut my finger or stub my toe the pain feels as if it lasts forever, but it is not forever. Forever or eternity is something we as humans have no grasp of, it is more than hours, days, years or even centuries it is infinite.  Because it is forever, I don’t feel like spending every day suffering, knowing the each day will be torture and each day will be worse than the one before.  There is no real definition eternity; I just know it is a long time and if I have to spend a long time doing something I want to enjoy it!
These are my reasons for not wanting to spend my eternity in Hell. The simple truth though, is that Hell or Heaven is merely a choice. Live your life Gods way or your way and that is all.
Do you know where you are spending eternity?

Jesus Bless you!

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Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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