His Heart Is Big Enough

His heart is big enough to hold your fears

You can fill it up with all your tears

your hopes and dreams and failures too

It’s big enough to hold all of you

It can hold the tiredness that comes with each day,

It can hold the sadness that won’t go away

It can hold the memories that flood  into your heart

It can hold the the pain of being apart

It can hold the chores that pile up all round

It can hold the loneliness of standing your ground

His heart is big enough for all of this pain

He knows what you go through and it’s not in vain

He’s been through it all,he has suffered so much

So that at moments like this you can feel his touch

It might come to you through the smile of a friend

A helping hand when you need a lend

A thoughtful moment from someone who cares

A candle alight in the depths of despair

Know that his presence is wrapped around you, and all that you’re feeling,all that is blue

His heart is big enough to take you inside, 

to the warmth of his love where you can safely hide

his heart will never let you feel alone,

and it burns away all fear of the unknown

This is my prayer for you at this time, 

that a ray of hope from his heart will shine

straight into yours and take out the fear,

dispel all the darkness and fill you with cheer 

His heart is big enough

Believe it

It’s true

His love is the source of all life anew 

Patricia McNally

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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