Thank You For Your Vocation

Thank you for your Vocation,

For hearing God’s special Call.

For listening to his Voice,

and trusting in it all.

A path he placed before you,

One which was unknown.

It took courage and commitment to consider it your own.

And now you are the Shepherd,the Shepherd of his flock,

And his love flows out around you

As you make His word your rock

And so many lives have changed, because you gave yours to him

Life has filled his people as you cast away their sin.

The ripples they have strengthened, as they reach across the stream,

that one whisper spoken,

Has opened up God’s Dream.

So go forth now with courage, 

and trust, and do not fear,

for God Shepherds all his Shepherds, 

to him they are so dear.

So Thank You for your Vocation

It’s more than just a role

It’s the giving of your heart

And also of your Soul.

Patricia McNally

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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