Being a Catholic Priest

Being a CATHOLIC PRIEST is ranked among the four most difficult “professions” in the world.

This is because a CATHOLIC PRIEST must be at the same time:

• preacher • example • advisor • former• planner

• minister • visionary • director • mentor • friend

nanny • reconciler• marriage counselor

• youth counselor • leader trainer • Bible teacher

• psychologist • intercessor, etc., etc., etc.

Besides being:

• church porter • corporate administrator

• engineer • bricklayer• event promoter

* a mediator between two factions in a conflict.

*a mediator between God and man.

• first to arrive and last to leave …

And yet, all CATHOLIC PRIESTS face constant criticism such as:

– “the mass doesn’t fill me”

– “the homily is too long”

– “just think about money”

– “endless fund raising”

– “in addition to many others …”

One of the most difficult things in a CATHOLIC PRIEST’s life is knowing that the people for whom they give their life will betray them.

The CATHOLIC PRIEST is usually the most lonely person in the community: you can even see a CATHOLIC PRIEST is always surrounded by people, but rarely by people interested in their problems, needs or even in their life, let alone in the demands that the communities themselves place on them.

IF you have a CATHOLIC PRIEST or PRIESTS as friends, take care of them, protect them, pray for them, understand their vision, support them, but above all love them, don’t forget the promise of Jesus Himself.

_” And I will give you shepherds after my heart, who will feed you with knowledge and intelligence”_ (Jer 3:15).

Therefore, take care of them because _”they personally watch over your souls, since they will be accountable for them”_ (Heb 13,17).

Let us honour with our prayers the lives of all those men of God who have sacrificed so many things, including some of their own needs and that of their families to fulfil God’s call.

Value the time CATHOLIC PRIEST dedicates to you.

The Catholic Priesthood is A Vocation not a Profession.

God bless you abundantly as you pray for them.

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Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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