Battle of Vienna

n 1683 the Ottomans again tried to take Vienna. They once again amassed a large army and besieged the city in the summer, the Turks demanded that the city surrender to the Ottomans, the defenders refused. The siege was brutal, but the Viennese heroically defended the city fending of Turkish attacks, during the siege the defenders of Vienna were encouraged to say the rosary and ask God to deliver them from the Ottoman onslaught. Despite the heroic defense the Viennese without aid from the allied forces would not last. In September the situation became increasingly more dire, it would seem as Vienna was going to fall. Reinforcements to the joy of the citizens did arrive, a multiethnic army composed of Germans, Poles, Hungarians and Czechs. under the command of the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.

The Catholic army was outnumbered, yet was more motivated to fight then the Turkish enemy. The battle began on September 12 early in the morning, with the Catholic coalition managing to fend of a Turkish attack and gained the upper hand. The Turks also during the battle launched assaults against Vienna, which divided their forces. The final blow to the Ottoman army was given by the Poles with their famous hussar charge, the Turks failed to withstand the Polish onslaught and their army crumbled. The Ottomans were defeated, Vienna was saved. The Ottoman Empire from that point stopped being a threat to Europe and began its slow collapse.

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