St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio died for Jesus Christ

In 1928 this 14 year old Mexican boy called Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio died for Jesus Christ. A member of the resistance against the anti-Catholic government of the day, he was captured and told to renounce his faith. Jose refused to do so. So they had a man executed in front of him and said he was next, but Jose was not afraid and again he refused to curse Jesus.

Offers to let him go to the USA or join a prestigious military school, he also turned down. Jose could neither be threatened or bribed. He was devoted to Jesus and Mary.

So his captors cut off the soles of his feet and made him walk through town. While walking they cut him with knives. But Jose continued to proclaim “long live Christ the King”! He prayed the rosary out loud as he bled.

Then, arriving at a cemetery they gave Jose one last chance. “Renounce Jesus!” they cried with demonic hatred. The boy replied firmly: “Vivo Cristo Rey!” With that he was stabbed and shot to death.

Pope St. John Paul II approved Jose as a martyr, and he was subsequently beatified and canonized a saint.

St Jose, pray for us! Grant us a share in your fortitude and courage. May we never renounce our faith but like you proclaim “Long live Christ the King!” Guide the youth of the world and protect them from the evils of our time. Amen.

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