21 Powerful Christian Motivational Quotes

These Christian motivational quotes will uplift you and guide you within the works of the lord. It is a blessing to publish these quotes. May these encourage you in your walk of faith!

“Faith is like building a house, you build it brick by brick to weather the storm of life.”

“In order to motivate yourself, you must first surrender to the one who motivates us all”

“To live a balanced life, your spirituality should always be taken just as serious and your physical and mental state.”

“As Christians, we do not give up when we’re lost, we look to Christ for guidance.”

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“Make church more than one day a week.”

“In God’s eyes, you are perfect. So why try to change what he has given you?”

“Faith is believing and not seeing” – unknown

“Priorities: God first. Family Second. Career Third.”

“My heart floats when I feel the inspiration coming from those who worship.”

“I know I’m not perfect, but I live the best I can and do the most I can for those in need. I serve now, so I will be accepted into the only place that matters later.”

“There’s only one book that has all the answers I need to know.”

“With God, I am not afraid, with God I am not depressed, with God I am not lonely, with God I am not bored, with God I am not angry. With God I am perfect.”

“I can’t give up today, because he didn’t give up on me yesterday.”

“Some people think it’s scary to be alone. Some people think it’s scary to never be alone. Those who believe know that we’re always in the presence of Christ.”

“Even in the dark, God’s light shines through. You never have to fear losing, because he has a plan for you. What he has taken, he has something better. Never think God is gone when you face stormy weather.”

“Be encouraged to fight the good fight! Your faith in him will sustain you and make you stronger!”

“It is Christ that strengthens you, so don’t give up hope. Instead, rejoice and know that the king has you covered.”

“To walk in the light is to walk in purification. Every trial and tribulation is shaping our personality to become more godlike!”

“Enlightenment is knowing that his perfection has the power to overcome all our hindrances.”

“Be strong, and keep faith that the holy spirit is with you, guiding you and strengthening you.

“Take a deep breath and feel the presence of the lord. He seeks to guide and strengthen always. Listen to his words and make choices of faith.”

Encouraging and Motivational Christian Poems


We all need to have hope,
That things will go our way,
But the one thing we must do,
Is pray each and every day.

If something in your life is wrong,
You can see it through,
Having hope will do that,
Then things may not seem so blue.

So never give up hope,
Because God will make things right,
You believed that would happen,
And it was truly an amazing sight.

Sometimes… hope is all we have,
but every time hope is what we need!

Time Heals All Wounds

Time heals all wounds,
It gets better each day,
And what also helps you a lot,
Is to take some time and pray.

You will see a big difference,
The hurt will soon be gone,
And you’ll be back to your old self,
And it won’t be very long.

Just let it happen in its own way,
And God will make you heal,
Because he has the power to do that,
And it will be surreal.

We Hang On By A Thread

We sometimes hang on by a thread,
Because of what we’re going through,
We feel like we’re helpless,
And we just don’t know what to do.

Then we are sent a message,
From the great man above,
He tells us to believe in him,
Because he will send us his love.

He will help us,
But you need to talk to him,
He will guide you the right way,
Even if things look grim.

So look up to the heavens,
Your answer will be right there,
Just give him a chance,
Because he really does care.

Touch Someone’s Life

You can touch someone’s life,
Just by what you say or do,
It’s nice to be able to do that,
And I’m going to do it too.

It might be by an act of kindness,
Or just by something we say,
It really doesn’t matter what it is,
Because it will sure make their day.

So try to touch someone’s life,
And show them your love,
Then you will be blessed in so many ways,
From our Lord and Savior above.

We’re One of God’s Children

We’re all one of God’s children,
And he takes care of us in many ways,
And he’ll continue to do that,
In the remaining days.

Sometimes we might not believe that,
Because we’re put through so much pain,
But he knows it’s for the best,
Because we’ll have more to gain.

So if you need his help,
You must truly believe,
You are one of God’s children,
And you truly will receive.

We hope you feel truly blessed by these motivational quotes and poems and pray that on your walk you will continue to grow stronger unto the lord!

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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