Why the Catholic Church is the only True religion?

When they say that all religions are on the same level, hold the same place and receive the same consideration, the same respect, that is against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church cannot accept that all religions are considered on the same level as herself. That is impossible because the Catholic Church is convinced and teaches that the Catholic Church is the only true religion, because only the Catholic Church was historically founded 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ, by God himself.

We cannot say that God established three or four religions. That is factually NOT true. Jesus Christ is God; and, if Jesus Christ is God, and He only founded the Catholic Church, then we cannot say that other religions are the same as the Catholic Church. That is impossible and is illogical. It’s against God; it’s against the decision of God and does not depend on us.

When it comes to other Christians, we love all our separated Christians, but they are only Christians because of what they have in common with us. Where they depart in belief, they are in error. They use our New Testament that we with God’s guidance compiled and canonized, and they do accept the majority of our doctrines, and probably don’t even know they come from us. They all from a greater or lesser degree depending on when their founder of their sect left, share in our liturgy of worship, but the newer sects have moved much further away by reducing worship into a rock concert with pastors who try to be Hip instead of Holy.

These separated Christians even participate in most of our holy days like Christmas, Advent, all Hallows eve, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, lent and Easter.

At Catholic Study Fellowship, we choose to be Truthful, factual and charitable. We do not care to be PC(politically correct) because that is a false. Jesus is the fullness of Truth, so we say we are more for JC than being PC!

Truth matters! Truth like Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and we won’t bend. If truth hurts your feelings and you are offended, then tough. Truth matters more than false compassion.



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Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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