Ascension Church on Mount Olives

-The church tradition saved us the place from which the Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, forty days after He was raised among the dead, the mountain of olives in Jerusalem, as the Holy Gospel (Luke 24: 51) – This church was built over the mountain of olives, in circular form, by Queen Helena, mother of the great Emperor Constantine, in the middle of the … Continue reading Ascension Church on Mount Olives


11 Nuns of the Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel sect, aka “The Monastery of Prisoners” (Prisoners for Christ), were spotted on the rooftop of this mysterious monastery!  The general public rarely ever gets a glimpse of these consecrated women who’ve made a peculiar lifetime vow to live behind closed doors. This rare photo opp was taken during the annual Procession of Our Lady of Mt. Caramel (Haifa, Israel). Side Note: Carmelite Nuns spend their lives … Continue reading RARE SIGHTING OF CARMELITE NUNS!!!

Church of the Nativity

One of the most important places to visit while you tour the city of Bethlehem is the Church of the Nativity – The Birth Place of our Lord Jesus Christ,to enter the church you need to go through the “Door of Humility,a small rectangular entrance to the church.The Nativity Church is also one of the most oldestsurviving churches in the middle east.Bethlehem is one of the most important cities for Christians.Bethlehem means the “house of bread” in Hebrew … Continue reading Church of the Nativity