Church of the Nativity

One of the most important places to visit while you tour the city of Bethlehem is the 
Church of the Nativity – The Birth Place of our Lord Jesus Christ,
to enter the church you need to go through the “Door of Humility,
a small rectangular entrance to the church.
The Nativity Church is also one of the most oldest
surviving churches in the middle east.
Bethlehem is one of the most important cities for Christians.
Bethlehem means the “house of bread” in Hebrew בית לחם.
It is situated in the mountains at an elevation
of approximately 800 meters above sea level
and is 10 km south of Jerusalem
Today the city is administered by the Palestinian Authority,
to enter the city you must go through an Israeli check point.

Bethlehem In the Bible

Matthew 2:1-12 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem

of Judaea in the days of Herod the

king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem…

What to see at the Church of the Nativity?
The Birth Place of Jesus, marked by a silver star in the floor

How to go there?
By car 10 minutes drive from Jerusalem,
By private taxi from Jerusalem should cost you not more than 50 ILS
By Bus from East Jerusalem, located near the Damascus Gate run by Palestinian companies, the bus cost about 5-7 ILS

When is the best time to visit Bethlehem?
I will recommend you to come visit during the spring time (March, April, and May) when temperatures are on average 20’s-25’s
Also the Autumn great in (October, November and December) during Christmas season when temperatures are on average 10’s-22’s perfect for travel.
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