Catholic Morning Prayers

Catholic Morning Prayers
( – By Meisha Johnson) 

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January 20, 2020
“Thank You, God, for giving us success on this beautiful day that You have prepared! We will arise and do whatever You call us to do with zeal, courage and perseverance. Amen!”
-Adapted from Nehemiah 2:20

January 19, 2020
Thank You, God, that Your light is sown like seed for the righteous, illuminating their pathways forward. Thank You for giving irrepressible Peace and joy to those who are upright in heart; for those who delight in Your favor and protection.
-Adapted from Psalm 97:11

January 7, 2020
“God, when we are tempted to be afraid, may we remember Jesus’ words to the ruler of the synagogue: ‘Do not be afraid; only keep on believing.’ Help strengthen us when when we are weak, Lord, in You and in Your power. Forgive us when we fall.”
-Adapted from Mark 5:36

December 30, 2019
Lord, thank You for listening to us, heeding the sound of our cries for help. You are not a God who tolerates evil and wicked; but You promise to protect the righteous. Thank You for sheltering us under Your wings of love, mercy and favor. We exalt Your Name! -Psalm 5

December 19, 2019
Thank You, God, for sowing seeds of divine Light for the righteous, illuminating their pathways upward. Thank You for giving irrepressible joy to whose who are honest and moral in heart; those who delight in Your Wisdom, protection and mercy.
-Adapted from Psalm 97:11

December 18, 2019
Thank You, Lord, that Your hand is strong and Your arm always outstretched towards us. Thank You for adversity so that we may give thanks and praise Your great Name. We wait patiently for You, and in Your Word; our soul expectantly awaiting Your vast promises.

December 17, 2019
Meditate on this promise. Let it become your life’s truth. The victory will become your witness; your witness, your testimony; your testimony your legacy.

December 13, 2019
Lord, thank You for delighting in us as Your beloved sons and daughters. We ask for Your strength in seeking only Your face and Your will. In so doing, we pray that our lives will bear fruit consistent with the change of heart You’re working in and through us.
~Matt 3:8

December 12, 2019
Lord, thank You for this beautiful day. On this ThanksgivingEve, I find myself reflecting upon St. Paul’s exhortation in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to be ‘Thankful in EVERY situation no matter the circumstance.’ Amen! Thank You for Your divine Wisdom, mercy and endless LOVE.

December 10, 2019
God, help us to walk in Your ways and keep Your statutes and commandments, that we may succeed in everything we do, wherever we go. Give us an understanding mind and heart that hears Your voice through the noise, and help us better discern good from evil. ~Kings 2:3

December 8, 2019
Lord, because of Your great love for us, You are a jealous God. We declare that we will not worship/serve anyone or anything but You- not money, not fame, not artificial power, nothing. Thank You for thousands of years of grace for those who keep Your commands.
-Ex 20:5

December 6, 2019
Good morning! Today, “be not anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God; and the Peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus”
-Phil 4:6-7

December 3, 2019
Lord, Thank You for blessing us and calling us to be fruitful in our lives. I pray that we will always use the resources You’ve created and called us to steward to serve You and the needs of others. May we continue to find grace and favor in Your sight.
Gen 1:28

December 1, 2019
Thank You, God, that You love us enough to correct and discipline us. Help us receive Your correction as a reminder of Your great love, acceptance, mercy…and the fact that You deal with us as Your beloved children. How blessed we are!

 -Adapted from Hebrews 12:6, 7

November 29, 2019
Father, I thank You that every good thing and every perfect gift comes from You; there’s never any variation to Your goodness. You are perfect and just in all Your ways and You never change. In You we find a Peace that transcends understanding.
-Adapted from James 1:17

November 26, 2019
Thank You, Jesus, that by Your death and resurrection, You level the devil to nothing. In the end, You’ve made him of no effect. Help me remember this fact when I am tempted; and thank You for Your protection and mercy. Your ways are higher than mine.
-Hebrews 2:14

November 25, 2019
Thank You, Lord, for saving me. Not because of any work of righteousness I’ve done but because of Your compassion and mercy, which You poured out so richly through Jesus our Savior. Help me become less of me and more of You through everything I do. Inspired by Titus 3:5

November 21, 2019
Jesus, Thank You for this beautiful morning! Even though it’s raining, it’s still perfect; such a gift to be alive. Please bless those reading this tweet. Draw them close; listen to their prayers. How much You love us; and how blessed we are by Your grace and mercy.

November 20, 2019
“Dear Jesus, I’m having a tough time falling asleep, and I’ve got an early alarm; Too much coffee before bed *sigh* I should know better. But! I get one more opportunity to tell You… how much I LOVE You (crazy about You!), and how very grateful I am.”

November 17, 2019
Lord, we pray for courage and perseverance. We ask that You strengthen us during these unsettled times, equipping us to resist the influences of this world. Thank You for delivering us out of the hands of our enemies as we cling to You”
Adapted from 2 Kings 17:18.

November 15, 2019
Help us, Lord, to think wise thoughts and speak wise words so our path is more secure. Thank You for helping us walk confidently and uprightly, and for giving us Your unmerited favor. In You we find our precious place of refuge. Amen.‬
‪-Adapted from Proverbs 14:26.‬

November 12, 2019
Lord, please forgive us for our sins; those we are aware of and those we are not. Thank You for the beautiful day you gave us today as we pray for Your grace and mercy tomorrow. Help us to not plan our own way, but surrender to Yours instead. Your will be done.

November 10, 2019
Lord, heal us and we are healed; save us and we are saved. Forgive us for our trespasses, and we are forgiven. Protect us and we are protected. Abide in us and we are never alone. Love us and we are forever loved. You are our forever praise! Adapted from Jer 17:14

November 9, 2019
Thank You, God, that You predestined and lovingly planned to adopt us as Your own children through Christ. We are now the praise of Your endless grace and favor, heirs to the throne, which You so freely and graciously bestow to us. Thank You!”
-Adapted from Ephes. 1:5

November 6, 2019
“God, we will not fear. Rather, we will be glad and rejoice because you have already done such great and wonderful things. Thank you for continuously blessing us with the gift of Your Lordship, friendship and love. In Jesus Name we pray”
-Adapted from Joel 2:21.

November 5, 2019
“Help us, God, to see, know, believe and speak the truth and nothing but. It is only this truth that will set us free. Do as you wish and sanctify us- setting us apart for Your amazing purposes. Make us Holy in the truth of Your divine Word”
-Adapted from John 17:17.

November 2, 2019
“God, I pray that You would help us to seek Your way and Your will instead of our own. Help us to do what is right in Your sight, to always honor and serve You and not our own interests. We know and believe that Your way is the best way”
-Adapted from Judges 21:25

October 31, 2019
“Lord, as the ‘prince of this world’ continues to blind and confuse the minds of unbelievers, and as his evil pawns continue to spread lies, chaos, diversity and torture, we pray that You will intervene with divine strength and compassion. We know You always win.”

October 29, 2019
“Lord, thank You for this day and for forgiving our sins. You know every thought, every deed and every action and You love us still. Thank You for bearing our burdens and carrying us day after day. You are our God of grace and deliverance”
-Adapted from Psalm 68:19

October 27, 2019
Thank You, Lord, for being a God Who vindicates and rescues Your children from all powers of evil; from all who dare to rise against us. Not a single motive eludes You. Thank You for answering our voices when we call to You. In You we rest”
-Adapted from 2 Sam 18:31

October 25, 2019
“God, thank You for Your grace and mercy; for leading and protecting us along the way. We believe in faith that because we are ‘in Christ’, You will say to us just as You said to Him: ‘You are My Beloved, in You I am well-pleased.'”
-Adapted from Luke 3:22

October 22, 2019
Lord Jesus, bless us. Bless us SO THAT we become blessings for those in need. Anoint the work of our hands so we fulfill your bidding. Set us apart for Your purpose and make us Holy in truth, Your Word. Thank you for unveiling the light!” -Adapted from John 17:17

October 19, 2019
“God, we firmly and faithfully declare that we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Woe to us if we should be! It is Your power alone that offers eternal salvation to everyone who believes. Thank You for providing a way for us!”
-Adapted from Romans 1:16

October 15, 2019
“Thank You, Lord, that You are the God Who goes before fighting for Your children and paving the way. We may not see what You are doing in the natural, but we know what You’re doing behind the scenes! Because of that, we will not fear”
-Adapted from Deuteronomy 3:22.

October 13, 2019
“Lead us daily, Lord. Help us [all] to know, understand and discern Your divine truth and Wisdom. It is only with this knowledge we can truly be set free! In Jesus Name, Amen.”
Adapted from John 8:32

October 10, 2019
“Dear Jesus, Thank you for another answered prayer! Thank You for this testimony. Hard to believe I lived the majority of my life without understanding the power of spending time with You. Another reminder of how near You are; how deep Your love is for us. I love You.”

October 7, 2019
“God, we look expectantly for You. With confidence in You, we continue to keep careful watch. We know You hear Your children; we know nothing gets by you. You are just in all Your ways. As we await in darkness You are a light to us”
– Adapted from Micah 7:7, 8.

October 5, 2019
“Lord, we can not fix it all. We do not have the answers. We trust Your Word… that Your ways are higher than our ways and You will bring beauty for ashes. Strengthen our faith, Lord. Unite us as family and deliver us from evil. Amen”
-Adapted from Isaiah 55:8.

October 2, 2019
“Lord, I pray that You will grant us more of Your peace—the peace, joy and harmony that surrounds those who abide in You. Regardless of life’s circumstances, help us to walk with You, trusting in You at all times and in every way”
-Adapted from 2 Thessalonians 3:16.

September 30, 2019
“Lord, thank you for being so incredible. You know exactly what we need at the exact right moment. Even when things didn’t make sense, as long as we believed, You beautifully directed our steps. Thank You for showing up today (and always)!”

September 28, 2019
Good morning and God Bless you!  Live in the moment… let nothing steal your peace today.  The things that are stressful? “This too shall pass.”  Change is coming.  Focus on your blessings, enjoy your divine gift of having “right now.”

September 25, 2019
The Lord has declared
That he will restore
Me to health and heal
My wounds
– Jeremiah 30:17

September 24, 2019
God, Your way is blameless,
Your word is tested, perfect
and faultless, and you are a shield
to all who take refuge in you.
Help us to live out your will.
so we can glorify you
and enjoy your blessings.
Adapted from Psalm 18:30

September 20, 2019
“God, we thank You for capturing our hearts and turning us back to You. We listen to You, humbling our ways for Your ultimate ways; and because of what Jesus did, we now draw near to You. We belong to You because You have chosen us” -Adapted from Numbers 16:5.

September 18, 2019
”Thank you, God, That you
support those whose hearts are completely Yours.
Let our hearts completely and only to you.
Help us to be strong and
not to lose courage as we seek you and your will.”
-Adapted from 2 Corinthians 16: 9

September 15, 2019
“Thank You, God, that You are effectively at work in us…both to will and to work for Your greater good, master plan, and deepest pleasure. We delight in You and rejoice always knowing that we forever abide in You. Thank You!” -Adapted from Philippians 2:13.

 September 11, 2019
“God, we pray today that we will seek Your ways and Your will instead of doing what is right in our own eyes. Help us to remain strong, steadfast and persistent in accomplishing Your will, even when we are tested. In You we trust” -Adapted from Judges 21:25.