Spiritual Warfare

In our world plagued with sin, death, and bold wickedness we have only one true enemy, the demonic. It has been said that the greatest deception is convincing the world he does not exist but I would add that he also was successful in convincing the world that Christ has no power over him. St. Paul made it clear that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but rather with powers and principalities in heavenly places.

This truth remains prevalent in our times more than ever as good is made to look evil and evil good. Heresy is openly taught and in many ways accepted, children are more frequently victimized, unborn and unbaptized babies are slaughtered day and night, adultry and abomination is common place and even encouraged among those who should know better.

It was Gabriel Amorth, the Vatican’s top excorcist who once said that the devil is not powerful but rather we give him space to work and succeed.

He also said, even among the clergy, there are those that are possessed by demons because of their rebellion to Christ’s truth. It behooves the Christian to understand the necessity to protect himself from the onslaught of satanic infiltration. This is why spiritual warfare is not only necessary but a duty given to us as followers of Christ. 

Be Cleansed

It is necessary for a soul to do all that he can to be cleansed of the taint of sin. Take to prayer and ask for the graces to be horrified by even venial sins.
By doing this, you will be working with the Holy Ghost to prepare your heart for your journey to walk in the light. It is also necessary that you examine your conscience so that you may reveal any hidden wrong-doing on your part, whether it be personal or public sins. Once you have prayerfully examined yourself, go then to the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) that you may obtain absolution.

Remember, in this sacrament, you must expel all things from you in order to be forgiven. It is a grave sin to willfully hold back sins from confession so be sure to confess all sins so that you may be blameless in your journey. Confess your sins with true sorrow of ever committing them and affirm yourself in reforming your ways as to never seek to offend God again.

Do your penance with great love and devotion for the risen Lord and ask pardon of all those who remain obstinate in sin. Do this, and you wil have begun the battle.  

 Put on the Armor and take up the Sword

Know that Satan and his rebels hosts seek to own and sift you like wheat that you may be controlled for his bidding. Therefore, as in any battle, put on the armor of God and take up the sword against Satan and his apostate angels. Read holy scripture, go to holy Mass, pray every night over yourself and your family.

Use therefore prayers and weapons given to us by Holy Mother Church to make war with him who proudly boasts against the stars of God by blessing yourself. Use holy water to bless yourself and your family every night as well as your home. Know that Satan hates most certainly the Holy name of Jesus and His Precious Blood.

Therefore, pray the Litany of the Precious Blood of Jesus out loud and with authority. Take up also the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is no other besides God Himself that Satan despises and fears more that Our Lady. She has been given the title that Lucifer lost through transgression “The Bearer of Light” since she is God’s perfect Tabernacle.

Pray the rosary with great diligence at least 5 decades a day contemplating on the Mysteries proclaimed by it. Remember, it was St. Padre Pio that said the rosary is the weapon! 

 Walk According to the Light

It was St. John Vianney that said that the man who steels himself during times of temptation with the sign of the cross makes hell tremble. Therefore, we know that the practice of virtue is the path of defense against the malignant foe. Study, then, the Cardinal and Theological Virtues so that you may make hell tremble at your feet.
Speak softly and without pride, act in love and not lust, work diligently and not lazily, pray fervently and not distracted, speak the truth and refrain from lies, hold your tongue and do not let it curse, forgive and bless those who harm you and preach always the Good News in Christ and His salvation.

Praise To God

Thus, walking according to the light also includes Giving praise and all glory to Blessed Trinity.
Before you can attempt to stand strong in the day of temptation, your love for God must be before all things. To fear God does not mean terrified but rather a deep sense of devotion and reverence
In everything you do glorify your Heavenly Father whether it be household chores, work, play, or rest. This is the foundational reason Spiritual Warfare makes hell trembles at Christ’s followers because of their great love for Christ.
This is why one should not go looking for evil because in loving and following Christ, evil always attempts to hinder.
For it is in Christ’s great love for us where we find our strength against the malignant foe. Glory Be to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen!

Jesus Bless You All
Nicola Kanaan 

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