Prayer to St. Paul for the Conversion of Souls

St. Paul, you were once Saul, a Pharisee and a zealot for the law. Now you are a saint and apostle in heaven, after having suffered for the sake of the Name. Pray for all sinners who have stumbled off the path that leads to righteousness, that their hearts may be softened and ready to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit calling them. Pray that they may be given all the graces they need to be convicted of wrongdoing, of repentance and remorse, for contrition and the resolve to turn to God in all their needs. Beg for them the strength needed to pick up their cross and follow Christ. May they too, be prepared to suffer anything rather than lose the friendship of our Lord and Redeemer. Take all the loved ones we commend to you in this prayer and do not cease to intercede for them until these graces are given. By the merits of your sufferings united to Christ’s, we make this plea. Amen.

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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