5 Reasons to Choose a Faithful Christian Spouse

I have my reasons for choosing (wanting) a faithful spouse but here are 5 fairly general reasons why having a faithful Christian spouse 

Reason 1 – Fear of God

Men, and women, of faith always fear God and this becomes apparent in how they treat one another. A Faith Christian Spouse will treat his or her partner with the same respect and love they show Jesus. It is perhaps the secret to having a truly happy and long lasting marriage in this age where Christian activity and behavior is in a way frowned on by society at large. The fear of God or perhaps more the trust in God and putting Him first in a marriage between two people is the one thing that brings true love out between people and grows a relationship into a strong, long marriage.

Reason 2 – Drinking, Cursing and Kind Words

Of course, there is no perfect man, it is fair to say many Christians enjoy a drink and will from time to time blaspheme. However, a Christian is likely to be more aware of this and will curtail his or her drinking and will try as hard as possible not to swear or curse. I know, as a Christian myself that I am kinder with my words, I think before I speak. I also know that if I ask God for the words I need to say He will provide me with them. A faithful Christian spouse is likely to drink less, curse less and find the kindest words you could ever imagine and he or she will change for the sake of the relationship and become a better person.

Reason 3 – Lead you to heaven

As Christian Spouse a man, normally, will ensure he leads the way in the marital Christian walk. A Faithful Christian Spouse will use the bible as his or her guide, know his or her family belong to the Family of God and will lead the way to heaven together. This is such a powerful act, something many long lasting marriages have proven to be the key to success, and yet so many choose to ignore it.

Reason 4 – Holy Spirit Guidance

In John Chapter 14, Jesus promises to leave the Holy Spirit behind. A faithful and true Christian spouse will understand this and recognise how powerful this is. Because of this, many important life choices will be made with the Holy Spirit giving direction. Making the right choices not only morally correct choice is vital for a successful marriage and if the Holy Spirit is made part of the marriage, Christ becomes part of it and miracles can and will happen.

Reason 5 –  Obedience and Real

The real trait that is found in a Faithful Christian Spouse and one that makes it wise to choose a person who is such, is obedience and the fact that the person can be and is real when applying it. Putting trust in God frees up a person and allows them to be real rather than someone they are not. Marrying the right person is a good thing; marrying a real person is better and a Faithful Christian Spouse will be real thanks to his or her obedience to what God is telling them. God Bless you all

Nicola Kanaan

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