A Prayer By St. John Neumann

“My God, possess me that I may become a fit instrument of your graces and mercies to the souls you have confided to my care. If you know that success will make me vain, do not, on that account allow me to fail. Humble me in some other way, but do not punish me through those you have confided to me.

My heart is pierced with sorrow when I hear of the loss of one of my sheep. Lord Jesus, have mercy. Permit not that any one of those whom you have entrusted to me should be lost. O my Jesus, I will pray, fast, suffer, and, with the help of your grace, sacrifice life itself.

O Lord, imbue my words with power and healing that they may glorify the truth. As for myself, I am fully satisfied with the labors assigned to me in your vineyard, for I came here to atone for my sins and to win souls for God. Nowhere can a better opportunity be found for doing good. May God grant me the grace to discharge my duties in a worthy and fruitful manner. . . .

O my Jesus, though I am poor in so many ways and so ignorant, I have been chosen as a shepherd to your sheep. Give me an ever-increasing love for those souls redeemed by your Precious Blood, that I may labor at their salvation in wisdom, patience, and holiness. Grant that not one of those you have confided to me may be lost through my fault. O my Jesus, help me to sanctify those committed to my care.

O holy Mother of my Lord, pray for me and for those in my vineyard. Holy guardian angels of these dear ones, teach me how to act toward them so as to be able to instill into their hearts the maxims of faith and true love of God. Lord, teach me how to live and, if need be, to die, that all may be saved, that all may love and praise you throughout all eternity, that they may also love and cherish your dear Mother.”
From Saint John Neumann’s Favorite Prayers: Taken From His Diary


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