Jesus Wept!

When my father was building homes in Southern California and the market stopped and he had but a few dollars to feed a family of 7, he wept.  When my mother heard the news of her father’s sudden death to cancer, she wept.  Our deepest emotions are exposed in our weeping.  It is no surprise that the Redeemer wept over Jerusalem because His Divine Love wants only the good for souls.  It behooves us to study this story of our Lord’s weeping and come to some serious conclusion about life today. In the first place, Jerusalem represents the center of worship.  Today Christians, Jews and Muslims all have a claim upon the “holy city.” 

It was to this city that Our Lord had directed His every effort in order to bring about the realization that He was the long awaited Messiah.Now the saddest lines in the whole story tell us “that they did not recognize the time of their visitation.”  These prophetic words reach us today.  As all hell is breaking loose in every corner of the globe, we do not recognize the visitation of our Lord.   Every reflecting soul knows that God comes to us quietly in the moments of pleasure  and excitement but He screams at us in the times of sorrow and pain.  Goodness and commonsense are no longer the friends of the people.  Instead they become the center of the new film, The Hunt.  In this sick flick elite leftists take out their frustrations on innocent conservative Americans by hunting them down and murdering them in glee.  God is crying out to us in the depth of our consciences:  “Prepare your souls and do penance for the sins of your nation.” Remember that the blood that flows out of our abortion clinics is only a preparation for blood to flow in the streets of our cities until we realize we are being chastised. 

We must recognize the time of our visitation. Our Lord is always closest to us when suffering reigns from a Cross. What must we do and who is the ultimate cause of this catastrophe that is hanging like a noose over our heads. Consider Jesus coming into the temple, the central site of the faith.   Entering the temple He recognizes the spiritual sickness that will cause the downfall of the holy city.  They have made my Father’s house a den of thieves. They refers to the priests in charge of the religious center. The Priesthood neglected the reverence due to Yahweh and the worship necessary. The cause of our own demise is the lack of priestly reverence toward the most holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. The shedding of the Blood of the Lamb has been gutted of its primary purpose:  to ransom and redeem souls.Instead we have substituted a human communal get together and named it “the last supper.”  No one lays down his/her life for a burger!  We will offer our lives, if we are called to, for the One Who died for our souls. Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even a Pope have compromised with the global elite in order to re-create the Catholic Church’s faith into a Masonic fellowship of tolerance.

Christ is cleansing the temple which happens to be everyone of us baptized and confirmed in the tradition of Catholic faith.  Michael Voris discovered that the new Mess is a protestant construct through the machinations of Card. Bernadine,Card. Deardon of Detroit, Card. McCarrich.  All are with the LGBT crowd that has destroyed the hierarchy and changed the ageless Catholic faith.  Christ does no change but remains the same yesterday, today and forever.  Mr. Voris calls Catholics to seek out the true sacrifice in the traditional Catholic Mass. As I must prune my trees and my grape vines so must God cleanse His Church of the souls that desire the pleasures of the senses, the power of the world and the security of money. The Catholic Church will resurrect poorer, purer and more powerful than ever once the rot has been disposed of in a manner quite divine. Our Lord will have His holy Mother honored as Russia will be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart (Aug. 22).

An era of peace will descend upon us and our tears of suffering will be wiped away and the spiritual life will shine in each other’s eyes.  Our temple will be cleansed and once again the worship of the true mass will draw all to the Cross of Christ. Pray the holy rosary completely each and every day that you and your house might experience the protection of our Mother.  In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,  Fr. Richard Voigt 

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