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”You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” -John 14:14

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  1. Praying for success in my forthcoming examination starting from 26th May to 15th June 2022.. To Excell in the 10 courses i will take in Jesus name, Amen

  2. I pray for a complete and happy family for my daughter. May my husband find his way back to us and find forgiveness in his heart.

  3. I truly need God’s mercy at this point in my life. I need a good and committed volunteer nurse to work with at the health center where i work. I urgently need one. God please come to my aid, amen. Please help me in prayer 🤲

  4. Please pray that son, Andrew, wife and 2 darling children obtain this house they are trying to purchase and that they not get outbidded! Please hear this prayer. Thank you! They are in need of great help and need to move by August. Much love and thanks to all who read this plea and love and thank you to St. Expedite and our Lord.

  5. Please Lord! Save me and my two children to escape from this abusive and toxic man and situation! We are trapped! I am alone, no family and friends , I have been emotionally, mentally and spiritually abused for 20 years. I am traumatized! He has completely destroyed our lives and we are no longer able to escape. We need healing and to be restored so to be able to move away and forward! I pray&plead in YOUR name for a miracle. AMEN!

  6. Please Lord, touch Mr Ifebuche heart to be disturbed over my assignment with him. That he complete my tmas soonest with good grades in Jesus name, amen

  7. I pray for the resolution of the situation that has plagued my business for 10yrs . May it be profitable and may I get the best clients and business partners for the glory of God

  8. Please pray for our son that he will be relieved of his anxiety and have a good medical checkup. Thank you.

  9. YOU are the only only one who can bring these 3 young ones back to our family by sending the others away TODAY-i beg YOU help send J away from T & SC away from LM-they are destroying&tearing us apart-i beg you let them be children of God for 5more years-let them be with us-no outsiders just family-im sorry but I deserve this much in my mothers name-PLEASE BLESS US WITH THIS EASTER MIRACLE-i pray&plead in YOUR name for this miracle so that my father can be at peace&painfree thank YOU AMEN

  10. Please Holy Spirit make a miracle to bring peace between my 2 daughters
    Let there be love and understanding between

  11. pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep pray for my marriage and family pray for Ella who struggling with studies. pray for Liz and Scott,Tom and Alysha,Mary and Nate marriages and families pray for Ryan conversion,health,job,finds good catholic spouse pray for Aiden,Ella,Addy behaves,health,job,finds good catholic spouse. pray for Maizy and Makeniz behaves,health,speech. pray for Noelle,Willa,Olivia,Finley,Milo behaves,health,pray for world peace. AF. is good housekeeper,cleaner,cook,babysitter, declutter,organizer

  12. Pray that all the body changes pray about would come through and pray for money to help poor people Pray to to be used by GOD. pray my enemies to be blessed.

  13. Lord, I pray for a good and experienced volunteer nurse. It’s a challenge to me now,as you know. Please Lord, harken unto my prayer, Amen

  14. Lord Please save my son Christopher, assist him in all he do, guide his path and remove from him all that is not implanted by you Lord . Shield him with your light Lord. I surrender him totally to you Father. I surrender all my family totally to you Lord.

  15. Dear Jesus, thank you for your graces in my Life. Bless Ingrid with financial support and help her to support me and send me immediate financial support. Thank you Jesus for you have always favoured me in this. I sincerely and passionately request you Jesus to convert my brother James and his wife and children to come back to the Catholic Faith. Bless my Daddy and Mummy all our siblings with spiritual, health and material health and remain committed and faithful to God all the days of days of our Lifes, AMEN. Thank you Jesus, Glory to God, AMEN.

  16. I love you Lord, you are my strength. Please Lord come to my rescue, the battle over my place of work is on now. I pray thee Lord to fight for me. Show me thy favor, let the mind of my new boss not been thwarted against me. I have no one to turn to at this point but you, my Lord and my Savior. Please come to my aid Lord Jesus Christ, amen

  17. A prayer for my family from addiction of beer and Cigarettes and also deliverance and financial breakthroughs also an common favor 🙏

  18. Lord Jesus, i come to you with a humble spirit. I have a new boss now. Please i place my place of work and my position at your mercy. May i find favor with her. Let not manipulations and machinations of fellow colleagues prevail over me. Come to my aid, Lord Jesus, Amen

  19. To save my business after contractor defrauded me. To be able to pay my business debt as well as personal debt to be able to afford a place to live. And the ability to fix my car so that I may be able to go back to church

  20. Please pray for me that i could get back to my job with out a demotion, reprimanded and that my service still on continue and when i got back im still on my rank and qualified for next higher rank promotion and that my case of awol will be void and it wont reflect on my summary of information, i promise to make your name known St jude and cause your name to be invoke

  21. Please pray for us that this legal matter will be settled quickly by negotiations without going to court. Please pray for protection for our home. St. Jude, help of the hopeless please intercede with your powerful help. I promise publication, I promise to continue praying fervently for others as I have been praying for myself. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayers.

  22. Please pray for me to get out of a rut and be blessed with inspiration to study and find a new job with a few months time.

  23. Pray that all body changes pray about would come through and pray for money to help poor people. Pray for wisdom and pray for someone to come into my life.Pray for blessing to my enemies.

  24. That I may retire from work, on or before my 60th birthday, in good health, and full pension. Thank You Lord.


  26. Lord God Almighty, answer my prayers in your mercy of mercies, amen.
    My life, my husband, my children and all that concerns us i place in your care. Amen

  27. God of miracles, please meet me at the point of my needs. Stop every leg working to unseat me at my place of work. Show me thy mercy God. Amen

  28. I pray for God’s divine protection and guidance this year 2022. I pray for His Mercy upon me at my place of work this year 2022. I pray for His provisions, divine health, and wellness over my household, and total deliverance from every evil machinations and manipulations in Jesus mighty name, amen

  29. Brethrens help me in prayers to get a good well paid job in 2022 from mid January 15th co’s i have a lot of debts. Here breakthroughs is needed for God to intervene co’s his words are YES and AMEN

  30. I am fervently praying for God’s Mercy and Grace upon me. To find favor in the sight of my new boss. That I will not be transferred out to where I won’t be able to help in my family. I need God’s open doors in my life. In Jesus mighty name i pray, amen.
    Please brethrens, help me in prayers🙏🙏🙏.

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