Where is Just Anger?

For he who is angry without cause must answer for it.  He who is angry with cause has not to answer for it. For if this were not so, teaching would be without profit, and crime could not be controlled.  So he who with due cause is not roused to anger sins by this:  for patience with things that are against reason breeds evil, fosters neglect, and becomes an invitation to wrong doing, not alone to the wicked,but also the good.”  (St. John Chrysostom, Op. Imp.) Our world today lifts up false anger which is based upon feelings and rejects righteous anger which is founded upon correct reasoning.  Hence St. John C. makes the point that we might be able to judge ourselves and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Do we allow ourselves to simply get “mad” at the world because it follows the pattern of the demonic or do we find ways to correct ourselves in order to see clearly how to correct our neighbor.  Emotions color the issue while reasoning clarifies and control the power of our anger. Consider this life situation I experienced while orchestrating youth activities at Camp St.Francis under the late Fr. Lawrence Byrne.  Father called me into the office and there sat one of the older campers who happened to have broken a serious rule of bullying little one.  Father was upset and rightly so but he reasoned seriously with the young man. 

After he made his point he turned to me and asked:  “Father, was I unreasonable?  Did my words make sense?”I responded that he was quite reasonable and the correction made perfect sense.  Later he explained that he needed me there so that his anger would be controlled and that the correction might be out of care and concern rather than forcing the issue. This experience has been my guide in the issue of anger.  All anger must be used as a power within us to combat evil.  If we are patient with evil we generate evil.  Now I must say I am angry with the Pope who has prepared a Synod in the Amazon in order to pervert the Catholic faith through “inculturation”.  Another action that causes anger to flow in my thoughts is the manner in which the homosexual error is presented as holy.  Then there is the other issue of presenting Islam as a “peaceful” doctrine when it comes from the blood stained hands of a war lord who was no where near being a prophet.  All of this flows from the rebellious seeds in the work known as Vatican II.  It is all a modernist methodology to destroy the work of God Himself. Yes, I am angry at what this Council has done to my family, my religious family and all those I have served in order to help them achieve the salvation of their souls.Just anger seeks to correct the errors of the Modernist Church and the masonic society that longs for world domination.  We all ought to be truly angry with all that the evil one has done to destroy the very fabric of our lives as Christians. Who can we turn to in order to bring back a just and reverent society and Church?God has revealed the answer:  the two hearts, the heart of our Lord and the heart of our Lady.  It is a spiritual problem and it must be addressed spiritually.  Reparation and expiation come through the holy masses which are offered in the only legitimate manner codified at Trent.  These holy masses have the power of the Precious Blood which must be applied first in our minds and hearts when anger arises.  The true mass returns the order of the law:  Lex orandi, lex credendi (The law of praying is the law of believing).  Our Catholic faithful are living in apostasy and heresy and they don’t care.  The common line is:  “I am going to follow the Pope.”  This is no argument to bring before the all holy God Who will ask why we did not listen to His Son.  Yes, today we must be angry over the situation in the Church which is facilitating the evil in the world which touches both the wicked and the good.  We must be angry toward our hard-heart edness in approaching the Holy of holies and focus our daily lives upon penance.  We must be unafraid the speak the truth and confront the errors of ecologism, scientology, islamism, feminism, atheism, agnosticism, sensualism,Protestantism, Judaism, Satanism (the core of all the above).  Error does not have a right to exist and should not be tolerated.   Consider one example:  a young lady is angry over a right to life group exposing the evil of abortion and she cries out: “It’s my body.”  The truth is that it is not her body it belongs to God.  From the emotional half truth we move to the reasonable full truth.  Note also that the full truth is always in union with the ten commandments.  In this case, thou shall not kill.  One day these souls will stand before an all just God Who will put our lies before His truth and we will have no recourse but to bow our heads in humble shame.  The price of error is rebellion against God’s will and the reward is a hell of our own making. Today we serve our Lord and our Lady best by holding fast to the tradition of truth codified through the true council of the Catholic Church throughout the ages.  The Holy Eucharist and the devotion to our Blessed Mother (especially her special  prayer of the rosary) are the means to grow in truth and holiness.  Let us use our just anger to bring back the souls wrapped in the errors of modernism.. In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Fr. Voigt 

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