Hail, Joseph

Hail, Joseph, image of the Eternal Father;
Hail, Joseph, guardian of the Eternal Son;
Hail, Joseph, temple of the Eternal Spirit;
Hail, Joseph, beloved of the Trinity.
Hail, Joseph, spouse and companion of the Mother of God.
Hail, Joseph, friend of angels.
Hail, Joseph, believer in miracles.
Hail, Joseph, follower of dreams.
Hail, Joseph, lover of simplicity.
Hail, Joseph, exemplar of righteousness;
Hail, Joseph, model of meekness and patience;
Hail, Joseph, model of humility and obedience.
Blessed are the eyes that have seen what you saw.
Blessed are the ears that have heard what you heard.
Blessed are the arms that have embraced what you embraced.
Blessed is the lap that has held what you held.
Blessed is the heart that has loved what you loved.
Blessed is the Father who chose you;
Blessed is the Son who loved you:
Blessed is the Spirit who sanctified you.
Blessed is Mary, your spouse, who honored and loved you.
Blessed is the angel who guarded and led you.
And blessed be forever all who remember and honor you.

– Father Jean-Jacques Olier

painting of jesus christ biography of church ceiling
Photo by Peter de Vink on Pexels.com
Author: Nicola

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