Double Miracle of Saint Anthony

“Earlier this year I needed help so badly. My wife had given me divorce papers and I was devastated and lost. What am I going to do? I needed help. I then remembered to pray to St. Anthony when I was in need of something.  And I began to pray to him and lit candles and asked for prayers. I prayed with faith for a job and for my marriage. Two weeks later, I got a job.  And, not only did I get a job, I had three job offers!  I continued to pray using St. Anthony’s name. A month and half later, my wife reconsidered the divorce. Now we are back together.  I strongly believe without the intercession of St. Anthony I would have been divorced, and probably still looking for a job.”–David

Saint Anthony and Saint Francis’ Ultimate Decade Rosary for Miracles

Author: Nicola

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2 thoughts on “Double Miracle of Saint Anthony

  1. St. Anthony is right at my elbow when I need him and he never ceases to give his presence. I was obsessed with a problem recently and not able to work ordinary stuff. Even when I just thought about turning to him the darkness lifted and released me so that I was able to go about household tasks like normal. He indeed is a wonder worker.

  2. I have a St Anthony statue. My mom would pray to him daily as I was growing up. When she moved from Panama to San Francisco to live with me and when she left, I kept the statue in Mexico. He is still there in the house my husband and I build but left almost 4 years ago after he got sick and left. I am selling the house and he is there. I will bring him back as soon as I can visit.

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