Morning Offering to Our Blessed Mother

Mother, I come before you on this new day to bless you for the great things almighty God has done for you, to thank you for the graces you have obtained for me, to consecrate to you all my thoughts, words and actions, and to ask your blessing for me and all this Family of Prayer.
Intercede with God for all of us spread throughout the world, as we strive to live the faith, hope and charity of which you set us such admirable and noble example.
Enable me to imitate the life of prayer, obedience, humility, fidelity, sacrifice, and simplicity that you shared with your Son, our Brother and Lord.
Help me to form a meek and humble heart like that of your Son, Jesus Christ, and obtain for me the grace of receiving him in the sacrament of his love as fervently as you throughout the years of your solitude.
Mother, tell Jesus how much I want to love him, how ardently I desire to become holy and be his apostle.
Tell him how fervently and constantly I want to serve him as a faithful instrument in extending his Kingdom throughout the world.

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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