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Call upon Me in the day of Trouble

There is no need to live life alone and let the world control your life. Most people influence us. But you can discern and choose. The world has good people, not everyone is manipulative. Do not shut off yourselves because of few bitter experiences. Change your lens and look at your surroundings with a beautiful perspective and forgiving eyes. Turn towards Godliness and ask for wisdom and begin to take charge of your life following the instructions of the King of kings. While at it….guide others to see the wisdom in God’s truth.

In confusion, do not run for counsel in wrong places. Sometimes life gets chaotic. and that’s the time you run to Christ and learn to focus on Christ even if it’s difficult to focus. There’s no best parent other than God Himself.
God gives us an accurate path. He is the best GPS so far. Start reading the Bible and find your own map in the scriptures. If you are on the wrong lane God lovingly navigates us to His right lane without misleading us.

Nothing is prehistoric or Stone Age about following Christ. Remember He is resurrected and lives in us. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!! He doesn’t change, He’s everything to everyone & He is forever 33 years (my guess) All I know is God has stunning gorgeous looks!! So trust Him because He’s real . No elephants, rats, birds or Mohammad , Buddha or Ram , whales or Shiva has resurrected again so why waste time on scary carved images. Drop the searching ……

Look at our loving, living Father God who loves us and delivers us just the same way He delivered the Israelites in the Old Testament. His gracious hands are on the ones who believe in Him across all nations on this planet and I am one of the billion witnesses in 2021
Please get closer to Christ Jesus and call on God on your knees or anyhow, anywhere. Humble down, repent & seek His face. He’s our only hope. Nothing in this world will save us when in the sick dying bed… before it gets that far….call God today and reach out to Him . He loves us too much and He will answer.

Psalm 50:15
Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

Author: Caroline Anthony

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