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Do Not Get tired Waiting on the Lord Jesus

Be encouraged today. God is speaking to someone through this post. Keep reading!

Live for Christ everyday. Do not get tired waiting on the Lord Jesus. He knows when to answer our prayers. There’s no timeline in God’s world. Many a time God doesn’t swoop in and remove our troubles with a diamond wand.
Life is a tough journey of learning to be patient and endure. It’s difficult at times to be a follower of Christ but we must be faithful at every step.
Remember it wasn’t easy for Job ( Old Testament ) to loose everything he once had and live like a pauper on the streets, it wasn’t easy for Mary and Martha to loose their brother Lazarus either, when Lazarus died….The Messiah wept (New Testament) God is heart broken with the things we have to go through. He knows our pain and tears because he went through those complex emotions. He was left alone on the cross rejected by His Dad… imagine the agony.
Don’t get dismayed. Be patient during trials without whining about things… and questioning God” where are you Lord where are you?” I know life is cruel to some. I’ve faced few trials myself.
In our worst…..God is with us through it all. He’s in the fire and all the tumultuous moments of our life. Some experiences are heart wrenching yet do not loose hope.
Run the race confidently, there’s more to gain than loose while we are patient. You know the story… finally Job was blessed with everything more than he first had… Lazarus came back to life and it was a happy ending.
So my dear brethren, be sealed by Christ and His Spirit. Be branded with His name on your body/soul. Let the world see to who we all belong. Show off to the world that you’re a follower of Christ Yeshua. Live life like Saint Paul did and speak words like He wrote throughout the New Testament. Someday Christ will place the crown on your head for being obedient and sincere to His call! Wait in sweet anticipation. God will exalt you so high that the haters who mocked & laughed at you will have to swallow their words and tongue. God is fair and just!!!

Galatians 6:17
17 From now on let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

Author: Caroline Anthony

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