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There’s a reason God brings two people together

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready” (Revelation 19:7).

When I say I’m praying for you I mean it with all my heart because I know God loves a sincere heart. His head turns towards people of peace and righteousness. Make your life count wherever you are positioned. If you are a Christian married couple, remember it’s not about your own contentment, it’s involving Christ in your life. If you’re a husband or a wife then allow Yeshua to be the captain. Let God steer your life. In Him there’s no selfishness. God changes our perspective of marriage when we allow Christ to take the center stage. Marriage is not just about two people. Marriage is about the extension of God’s grace and truth through the family to the world.

Christian marriages should bear witness to the ultimate union between Jesus and His Bride, the Church. Children become an extension of the ongoing delight God has for creation, “pro-creation.” New life, a small fellowship of the redeemed called “family,” all flowing from the oneness of a husband and wife. These are signposts of the greater reality of conversion and the church all flowing from the oneness of the Godhead and the union of the Lamb and His Bride.
Pray then for marriages to be Christ orientated. Pray for couples in your families who have weak relationship with God . If one link is weak it destroys the whole generation.

There’s a reason God brings two people together. It’s simple to understand isn’t it?
It’s all for His glory not for us to sulk in different bedrooms or eat dinner in front of an idiot box. Think about it…. Don’t slam doors on each other or keep accounts of money spent on digital toys or a designer jacket/lipstick

What if God’s purpose for your marriage is not to make you happy but to make you holy? The deeper, nobler purpose of holiness will bring a lifetime of contentment even in moments of discontent.

C. S. Lewis direct quote, “Aim at heaven, and you will get earth `thrown in’; aim at earth, and you will get neither.” Likewise, aim at the nobility of marriage, and you will get fulfillment thrown in; aim at personal fulfillment in marriage, and you will get neither.

Author: Caroline Anthony

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