The Lord is my Shepherd He is my strength

We are all created by God. He is the one who formed us. Don’t judge yourself poorly or drag your ethnicity or your color or your language or your ancestors down. You are wonderful just the way God has made you.
Be proud of how you look, how beautiful you are , we are all different and gorgeous. So stand tall in dignity. Speak in your accent. Raise the banner of love 💕 and give glory to God for your knowledge, your faith and your family. Give thanks for everything in your life. God knows each one of us because of our uniqueness and our distinct features! Embrace God’s gifts, talents and blessings and share your joy with others. Make sure you put smiles on someone’s face today!
There is no one else on this planet 🌎 who can give us joy as Christ our God gives us. Only in the Messiah will we find the oil of gladness and pure peace!

Author: Caroline Anthony

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Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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