Will Cry Out To Your Mother

One day a five-year-old boy ran into a pharmacy and said to the pharmacist: ′ ′ Sir, here’s all the money I have. Please give me a miracle. “

The pharmacist, surprised, asked him what miracle he wanted and for what.

The little one replied: – The doctor said that my mother would need a miracle to heal. Here is all the money I saved to buy a bicycle, but I love my mom and I want her to be okay. Please help me. Is that money enough?

The pharmacist, very moved, replied that he did not have the medicine ′ ′ miracle ′ ′ to cure his mother, but that if he had he would have offered it without charging a single weight.

Then he added that only Jesus, the Son of God has that special remedy, and invited him to go to church to ask.

The boy ran to the Church. He arrived in front of the crucifix near the altar and said: I know that you’re on that cross, that it hurts you and that you don’t have much time for me, but the pharmacist told me that you have my mother’s miracle.

You know how much I love Mommy, here’s all the money I saved for a bicycle. I give you everything and promise to help you get off the cross, but please help me.

Unfortunately Jesus on the Cross did not answer a word to him , so the child shouted: If you do not help me, I will cry out to your mother, Mary ! If you also love your mother as I love mine, help me and give me the miracle. I promise to come back as soon as possible to help you.

The priest, who had heard the child’s cry, came over and invited him to speak in a low voice to Jesus. He explained that Christ hears him even though he does not respond directly.

Moved by the child, the priest decided to go home with him. Along the way home, the child explained to the priest how much he wanted his mother to be healed, that she was everything to him and that only Jesus had the miracle that could cure her, as the pharmacist had explained.

Once they reached the home, the boy found his mother’s bed empty. He looked and saw her come out of the kitchen. She said to them : The doctor who came to visit, healed me.


Even if your prayers are met with silence, don’t give up hope. Trust in God. His timing is perfect.

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