Prayer to Mary Mother of Sorrows

O Mary, mother of many sorrows, in fulfillment of the prophecy of Simeon your heart was pierced with many bitter swords. Your heart erupted in sorrow when you heard of the prophecy of Simeon concerning your Son Jesus. Your Immaculate heart skipped in excruciating pains when you heard that Herod was coming for the life of your precious child. O what an agony of the soul, you felt when Jesus was nowhere to be found for three days. On the bitter journey to calvary, in all its extreme humiliation you met Jesus on the way, and you felt the sword of a martyr renting your heart apart. Standing at the foot of cross, and watching your Son Jesus die, was you, actually dying with your son. When you received the dead body of Jesus after he was pierced with a lance, your sorrows and tears knew no bounds. When Jesus was buried, knowing that your heart was to be separated from him for awhile, you were inconsolable.

O Mary mother of sorrows, help me to persevere and stay strong whenever the sorrow of my cross seems to press down heavily on me. Stand by me as you did with your Son Jesus at the foot of the cross, so that being strengthened by your presence I may bear my own sorrows uniting them with the cross of Jesus crucified. Amen.


Rev. Fr. Alfred Agbonlahor.

Author: Nicola

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