Prayer in Honour of St. Therese

O Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus,

seeing what confidence I have in God,

kindly present my intentions before the merciful Lord, whom you behold face to face.

Intercede for me with the Blessed Virgin Mary,

who came to smile on you when you were suffering.

Looking on those who pray to you,

and on all those undergoing distress and trials,

I unite myself to them as my brothers and sisters.

Show yourself to be our sister, and pour on us a shower of roses.

Ask the Lord to grant the graces we desire, if it be his will, and make us stronger in faith, hope and love on the road to life.

Help us to follow your “Little Way of Spiritual Childhood”, trusting in the mercy and love of God like a little child, as you learned from Jesus himself.

Give us a thirst for Holy Scripture,

a hunger for the Sacraments of the Church,

and passionate self-giving love for our neighbours, that like you we may be love in the heart of the Church.

May we be assisted at the moment of death

so that we pass from this world into the peace of God our Father, and know the eternal joy of the children of God.


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Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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