I know deep peace in my life and ministry because I often kneel before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and with my rosary in my hands I call on the mother of God to intercede ceaselessly for me. I am not shaken by the whispers and plots of the evil ones because I have mother Mary by my side and no matter the plans and plots they have in stock, I know the Lord is my shepherd even while his mother is my intercessor. I don’t worship Mary as many falsely say and hold; I honour her who God first honoured, and there’s no honour I will give to her that will be greater than that which God has given to her by making her, a creature, carry her creator. That woman that gave God a dwelling place in her womb, saved us from eternal tombs, and made our salvation possible by saying ‘yes’ where our first mother Eve disobediently said ‘no.’ I am a man who enjoys so much peace in my life because I know that no matter how turbulent the seasons of life are, mother Mary will give me reasons to dance and be happy.

When men promise you hell, don’t forget to hail Mary and she will bail you out. When the powers of darkness throw missiles into your path, just kneel and call on mother Mary. When they say that you will surely go down; then go down on your knees and leave it for mother Mary. When they take up their juju, gossips, lies and rumours in order to make sure you cry; take up your rosary and cry before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Don’t let their number scare you; hail Mary and watch as the angels of God undo every knot the enemy has tied in your life. When men wanted to make me a scape goat, I didn’t fret; I picked my rosary and called on mother Mary. I know peace like a calm river in turbulent times of my life because with the rosary I connected to heaven and help came from the very mountain of God. When I pray the rosary, the threats of men mean nothing, their number and unity agaibst the children of God is futile and no matter how they try, they can never succeed in putting God and his children to shame. It’s the month of May, please say your rosary!

I am a Catholic priest and I know that the rosary is like a chain that connects heaven and earth; it’s like a telephone, and with it, we call and God answers. Many call us idolaters and worshippers of Mary, but these people are in error. To pray the rosary is not to worship mother Mary; it is to call on her to intercede for us. It’s the month of May, pray your rosary daily and the powers of the evil ones will flee from you and your family.

Your servant,

@ Fr. Albert Nwosu’ (Nwachinemere)

(My personal opinion)

Author: Nicola

I love Jesus Christ and heaven is my only home

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